TheFitExpo Los Angeles 2017 Review – Fitness and a Whole Lot More

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TheFitExpo 2017 finished off their 14th year with another gigantic year. The LA Convention Center saw 60,000 people attend TheFitExpo during the two-day event that featured top fitness brands and some of the biggest names in the industry.

It is a tough task to please that many people, but with over 700 exhibits, TheFitExpo had a little something for everyone. This giant fitness weekend included contests, fitness celebrities and over with the latest in fitness, diet, nutrition, strength and wellness products. There was literally so much to do and see, two days was simply not enough.

Box n Burn

You could have spent hours watching Battle of the Bars or competing in the Slackline Challenge, Dodgeball, and Ultimate Ninja Obstacle Course or taking a class from Box n Burn. That is in addition to the countless competitions that were taking place all day long.

Optimum Nutrition Cooking Demo Team

TheFitExpo has such amazing companies as Optimum Nutrition, which recently just celebrated their 30th anniversary. One of the best parts of TheFitExpo is companies like Optimum not only rolling out their latest and greatest, such as the tasty ON Cake Bites, but everyone involved with Optimum makes every fan feel special. From taking pictures, signing autographs or putting on cooking demonstrations, Optimum did a little something for every type of fan that was in attendance. No line was longer than that of the one that allowed guests to meet Optimum Pro Steve Cook. For those many that came just for the chance to meet Steve, he did not disappoint.

Steve Cook of Optimum Nutrition

“I feel anxious, a little nervous like I might let somebody down but at the end of the day all of these people are here to support us and what we do. Meeting fans, it is all about trying to be yourself and be relatable. I try to treat people here like they are my family, I try to talk about the people I’m meeting and not focus on myself,” Steve commented. It was a great sight to see how happy fans were and how Steve could make them literally feel like they were his lifelong friend the way he interacted with them.

Optimum Nutrition Opti Fit

“I tell people, set a goal, second don’t be a perfectionist, you get so caught up at the beginning of the year and I’ve been there, you try to eat perfect and what happens is it is not sustainable. Set realistic goals is the biggest key and work back from that goal. Where do you want to be in a year and what do you need to do week in and week out to get there. Then what is your motivation. You have intrinsic and extrinsic, intrinsic when no one is watching and you have do this because you love yourself and you want to be healthier,” Steve said. “With Optimum, they are always being innovative and coming up with new products, but then you have a product like Gold Standard that has been around as long as I can remember and it’s one of the staples I grew up with. They are always looking at how sports nutrition is changing.”

Steve has some lofty goals for 2017, he is looking to open a new do gym, do a show again, maybe in Hawaii, continue with his programming business and travel with Optimum and good news for fans, he might just create something with Optimum that no one knows about. Steve’s passion certainly shines through, but he is also an example why goals are important and to keep striving to attain them.

“I started competing as a way to take my mind off of a divorce I was going through, I had someone along the way tell me there is no way to make a career in this industry, you are better off doing this or that, but I was fortunate to have people like and Optimum and it is all about being at right place at the right time. I told Optimum when I signed almost six years ago send me to as many places as you can and I worked as a waiter so it would allow me to travel, so it’s all about putting in the time,” Steve stated.

Quest Nutrition, which seemingly always is making a splash at TheFitExpo with a new product, was introducing guests to their new “Beyond Cereal” bar. These bars actually taste better than they typical breakfast bars that you are used to and they are made from protein, with each bar containing 12 grams of protein. You have three great breakfast flavors to choose from; chocolate, waffle and cinnamon roll. Next time you are thinking about stopping for a donut, reach for something healthier and tastier, a Quest “Beyond Cereal” bar.

Quest Nutrition

While fitness supplements were plentiful, that was not only thing being introduced and showcased at TheFitExpo. The all-natural ingredient Phive bar that is perfect for any age or any time of the day and comes in three great flavors, original, peanut and blueberry. Drink RE, which is a natural energy shot that contains 21 superfruits and green tea. Sunfood SuperFoods was introducing people to their new line of matcha and of course Ralph’s as always was showcasing a plethora of food products that you could add to your daily life.

Drink RE

Phive Bar

“TheFitExpo 2017 was one our best events so far in Los Angeles as we had more exhibitors than ever before and welcomed the most attendees we have ever seen, causing entry to the show each day to last over an hour,” said Erin Ferries, Executive Director of National Fitness Productions. “The crowd in Los Angeles is always enthusiastic about TheFitExpo and we look forward to continuing to grow the event and bringing the best in fitness back each year.”


About TheFitExpo:
TheFitExpo is produced by National Fitness Productions. Title sponsor is Presenting sponsor for TheFitExpo Los Angeles is Subway Restaurants. Supporting sponsors include: Ralphs, Optimum Nutrition, Quest Nutrition, Gymshark, Muscle Monster, BSN, Rule 1 Proteins, Rivalus, Barbell Brigade, Nutrishop, GAT Sport, Beast Sports Nutrition, Live Fit Apparel, My Protein, Iron Rebel, Granite Supplements and Mygympals.


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