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With Summer just around the corner, try some great new products or get new versions of things you love to welcome in the Summer season!! Here is a list of things my mother and I have tried or are excited to try soon. In no particular order.

My list of items I tried:

Liverpool Capri Jeans.  If you are anything like me jean shopping is one of my least favorite activities because every jean fits differently and shopping for jeans online is particularly difficult because the size charts are not usually very accurate. The Liverpool capri jeans I had never tried on in stores and I just used their online size chart to guess my size and hoped that it was correct. Also often with capris they hit my shin’s in an unpleasant spot and make me look shorter and stockier than I believe I am. When the Liverpool capri jeans arrived at my home I tried them on and was pleasantly surprised that they were the exact size I needed and they hit my shins in a perfect spot and didn’t make me look shorter and stockier then I believe I am. They  are also one of the most comfortable pair of jeans I own. I highly recommend anyone looking for new jeans, capris or shorts to check out the Liverpool website and buy a pair today. ($89)


Rickaroons and Fondue For Two.  I first came in contact with these delicious treats at a Green Expo in Los Angeles. I love coconut and I love macaroons so I was excited to give Rickaroons a try. I was surprised to find that such a delicious treat were soy and gluten free, vegan, paleo, and non-GMO. While the “Mint-to-be” is by far my favorite flavor I also enjoy the “Peanut Butter Protein” and the “Megaroon.” Now you can also get a fondue for two set, that comes with four Rickaroons and a half a pound of organic nibble chocolate!  Check out their site and try these tasty delights today!  ($12-$26)

I like flavor water and sparkling water is just fun sometimes. I’m an avid Pandora listener and I have heard Aquafina’s ad on quite a lot recently.   Aquafina has some great new flavors to help you relax as you are enjoying the beautiful weather. Their flavors are just right as to not be too overpowering, but not being so faint that you have to think to notice them. Check out the Aquafina site for all their amazing flavors, and head to your local grocery store today! (Prices vary)



Malie Pikake body gloss. When this product arrived in my mail and I opened the box it smelled like Hawaii which was delightful for me since I had lived there for two years and haven’t been to the islands for a little while. As I unsealed the body butter the smell was so fresh and strong and I wanted to just leave it open so my room would suck up the scent. I was a little worried that it would be overwhelming if I put it all over my arms and hands. It also was a little oily when I put some on my fingers and I was afraid that it would leave an oily residue on my fingers which is not fun when you spend too much time on your smartphone ;).  But even though my skin looks shiny and it seems that it would be oily to touch it was not once I rubbed it into my skin and the smell was just right and not overpowering.  Check out their amazing line of products online, and bring Hawaii to your doorstep!! ($29)


My mom’s list of items she tried:

bhave hair oil. It’s a very light oil with no oily residue after applying. She said it was “cool,” and it took the top layer of frizz right off her hair making it smooth looking.  bhave  is an organic argan oil with antioxidants to help fight frizz. Check out their website today. ($32.25)





Vegalash and Vegabrow, while she hasn’t used them enough yet to notice a difference she was pleasantly surprised that they didn’t irritate her sensitive skin. Other products that she has tried sting when applied but these two did not. They definitely have good potential and she will continue using them! If you are looking for fuller lashes or brows head over to Vegalash online to order them today. ($78)





Another amazing product that she is enjoying is Michael Todd’s grape seed cleansing oil.  It has a great scent and though it goes on oily it doesn’t leave any oily residue when you rinse it off. Some face washes will leave your skin dried out and needing moisturizer after a good wash, but with this cleansing oil your face feels fresh afterwards.  It’s made with 5 different organic oils 65% of which is grape seed oil! Get yours today online. ($28)





Here is a list of products we are excited to try out:

myCoolSlim. I keep hearing various commercials on Pandora for different fat freezing solutions. While I’m by no means overweight I do have extra tummy fat that never seems to want to go away. So when this product came along I thought why not let’s give it a shot. It was developed by a single mom who heard about the expensive fat freezing treatment and decided to develop a less expensive at home solution. While a healthy diet and exercise routine are important when trying to lose weight, myCoolSlim is a good option to help shed some of the stubborn fat. Check it out today online. ($79.99)

Dew Puff is a just add water sponge cleaner that can be used twice a day for up to 3 months, just dry between uses!! Plus as an added bonus you can use the sponge as a sponge to clean household items once it has lost its effectiveness for your face. They promote that “Dew Puff is the modern version of an ancient Asian beauty secret where konjac-based facial cleansing sponges have been used for generations for a clear, beautiful complexion.” Join me in trying something new by visiting their site and purchasing one today!! ($8)



Last but definitely not least is the Skinnies cocktail mixers. They are an all natural, zero calories, zero sugars, gluten free mixer in four flavors. New York Cosmos for the vodka fan, Baja Margarita for the tequila lover, Maui Mai Tai for rum fanatics, and London Gimlet if gin is your delight. While I myself don’t drink alcohol I will be trying these mixers with their non-alcoholic counterparts to make delicious mocktails! Orders your today online. ($13-$24)





**All images are used with permission of the various companies.  These products were sent to me to try.

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