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Turk Pipkin has launched “The Book of the Every-Other Month Club on Indiegogo” today

Book Covers. Photo by Matt Lankes

Turk Pipkin is a screenwriter, author, actor, and philanthropist. His life experiences have given him a wise approach to share his speedy creativity as a book writer. He has embarked on a near-impossible literary venture to benefit The Nobelity Project, a global nonprofit organization that Pipkin co-founded. Turk Pipkin has launched “The Book of the Every-Other Month Club on Indiegogo.” Pipkin’s Book Club is an ambitious effort to publish and release six original books over the course of one year. Subscribers to the Book Club will receive the first book before Christmas, with five more new books to follow every two months in 2018. Twenty percent of every subscription will fund school libraries built by Pipkin and The Nobelity Project. In addition to the physical libraries, proceeds will provide books and educational support to promote literacy at three Kenyan schools, Mwangaza, Mweiga, and Wiyoni Primary.

Turk Pipkin is known for his work as an actor in the HBO series “The Sopranos” and the “Leftovers,” and also known for several roles in feature films and TV; although he has been very passionate about his acting career over the years, his genuine passion is following his creative mind as a writer. He not only has written over 100 hours of primetime television but is also an author of ten books that includes the NY Times bestseller, “The Tao Of Willie” that was co-authored by the American music legend, “Willie Nelson“.

If you want to be part of ” The Book of the Every Other Month club” join the  Indiegogo campaign click HERE

Photo: Splash Magazines

LA Splash Magazines had an interview in Austin-Texas with Turk Pipkin during the Texas Book Festival interview made by our writer Yenis Monterrey.Texas Book Festival interview made by our writer Yenis Monterrey.

Yenis Monterrey.- How has been your experience today at the Texas Book Festival?

Turk Pipkin.- The Texas Book Festival has been always incredible. I was part of one of the authors at the first festival and several other years across the festival. It’s always fun to come down here and see other writers I know and all the book lovers.

Yenis Monterrey.- What’s your favorite role to play since you are an actor, scriptwriter, filmmaker, or book writer?

Turk Pipkin.-People always get very excited when they meet me because I was one of the actors in the Sopranos. I don’t know at this point what’s my favorite role to play, but I can tell you that I have been always a writer; it took for me a little longer to become a filmmaker and then the acting work just came through, but I have been a writer since I have been really young.

Yenis Monterrey.- I had the opportunity to review the film “Angels Sing” (2013) during SXSW, based on your novel, the film was beautifully made with an excellent cast Connie Britton, Harry Connick Jr, and Willie Nelson. The film made me so happy and also made me cry, the charm of the film and the story was fascinating. I’m wondering if you are going to have a sequel to the film?

Turk Pipkin.- Yes, It’s an interesting story about the “Angel Sing” novel I wrote, but now with the new book club that I’m doing for “The Book of the Every Other Month Club” the last book of the series which will be out next Christmas 2018 will be the sequel to the “Angel Sing” novel which was adapted into the feature film “Angels Sing” Movie. The sequel called  “A Christmas Song” picks up on the same story, but 10 years later. Willie Nelson played “Nick” who may or may not be Santa Claus who essentially gave his home away to someone who needs a home more than him and in the new book ten years later it’s really about what happens to someone who gives his home away. The story is also how hard is to repay to someone a true gift or when you owe someone a debt and when you try to find out how to repay it, it’s not so easy. I think this book is pretty much appropriate to our times.

Yenis Monterrey.– I know you are also a Philanthropist, how did you start on that path with The Nobelity Project? As far as I know, you have projects in Kenya, Honduras, Mexico and more.

Turk Pipkin.- The book club, I’m creating relates back to the “Angels Sing.” We started with the film premiering at SXSW, but I also had three documentaries which were featured at SXSW. The first one was called “Nobelity” and this documentary landed us to found the non-profit called “The Nobelity Project.” Our main vision is based on educational work in Latin America and in the US and a lot here in Austin-Texas. We have worked in Texas with homeless students and we have been running a lot of programs here, but we also have built a lot of schools in Kenya.  I got connected to Kenya through the documentary “Nobelity” and I spent a lot of time in Kenya working on educational projects. We also have some projects in Honduras, Roatan with a “Bookmobile Project” which is very beautiful, because even though there was a library there, nobody knew where the library was.  It is because it is such a spread out island and most people don’t have cars so I had the idea of having a bookmobile instead. I actually have two Bookmobiles there.

Nobelity Project’s recently completed library at Ol Moran Secondary School. Courtesy ofThe Nobelity Project
Kenya School – Courtesy of The Nobelity Project
Kenya School- Courtesy of The Nobelity Project
StoryMoja librarian in Kenya School – Courtesy of ‘The Nobelity Project”

Yenis Monterrey.- How did you find the time to write six books for Turk Pipkin for the Every Other Month Book Club?

Turk Pipkin.-This is a really good question, what has been happening for the past ten years when I have been working on this project doing almost full time the Nobelity Project work by directing three feature documentaries, building schools including the bookmobiles, I never stopped writing. I was always writing because when I’m not writing I feel unhappy. The only book I have  published for the last 10 years is the book the “The Tao Of Willie” (the book I wrote with Willie Nelson) which did very well, but I had written a couple of these other books, but I really didn’t have the time to go to NY and find a publisher, sell, and promote them. Later on, I had an idea for another book, a kid’s book, and I said, well, I will publish all them all at once. In my defense, the book club was going to be originally called the Turk’s Book of the Month Club but then and I said I can’t do twelve books; I thought I can do six books instead and came up with the idead of “The Book of the Every Other Month Club.”

Yenis Monterrey.- What advice will you give the new generation of creative people who follow the path of being creative to live a life with a purpose?

Turk Pipkin.- Once you get started in the creative life it will take you to places where many times you don’t know where you are going to go. When I was 11 years old all I wanted to be doing was writing and daydreamed about being a writer when I grew up. I never envisioned myself as a filmmaker, but 10 years later I realized that I loved films and I actually wanted to write in movies and be part of the film world. I didn’t know I was going to be a television writer and when I moved to LA the TV work came along. If the creative mind leads you to some exciting path you have to be willing to follow that path.

Turk Pipkin. Photo by Matt Lankes

Yenis Monterrey.– How would we be able to find the book for the Every Other Month Club?

Turk Pipkin.-You can go to my website Turk or and everyone is welcome to join me on the Indiegogo campaign and people can subscribe, but they have to subscribe to all six books. I’m sure people are going to like all these six books

The more book we can subscribe to the book club and Indiegogo Campaign the more we can build and create with the “Nobelity Project.”

Turk’s new books include three novels and three works of nonfiction. Each book is a work from the heart and also a work of art designed by six great Texas designers including D.J. Stout, David Kampa, and Katie Rose Pipkin.

Book Covers. Photo by Matt Lankes

The six new books of The Book of Every-Other Month Club include:

1.-The Moleskin Mystery is both a mystery and a love story, hand-written in blue ink by an anonymous author desperate to find some light in his world. The book was designed by D.J. Stout and will be delivered to subscribers before Christmas, 2017.

2.-The summer reading book is Turk’s new novel All for Love, the gripping story of a father and his daughter who are lost at sea on a fishing trip, and the search to find them. Film rights have already been purchased by Hollywood’s TPSC Films and the movie is in development.

3.- Available before Christmas 2018, A Christmas Song is the long-awaited sequel to Pipkin‘s Algonquin Books Christmas novel, When Angels Sing and features a foreward by Willie Nelson, who played the role of Nick and who may or may not be St. Nick in the 2013 film.

4.-The Book of Every-Other Month Club also includes: Words for Your Songs, a selection of Pipkin‘s poetry written as part of musician Bob Schneider’s generative literary project, Poetry Machine, and illustrated by Moth Generator, Katie Rose Pipkin and Loren Schmidt’s generative art project that creates naturalist illustrations of moths “stroke by stroke with each insect composed of tens of thousands of individual strokes,” as described by the New York Times.

5.-Grace and the Moon is a bilingual bedtime story, with two girls named Grace one in Kenya and one in the U.S. ­– who share the same sky and moon on side-by-side pages in English and Kiswahili. The book features 50-pages of full-color illustrations by Kenya’s StoryMoja.

6.-Requiem For a Screenplay is a collection of three fun and moving feature film scripts by Pipkin that rode up and down Hollywood production ladders before finding a final home in the original black and white medium – print.

The subscribers will receive a bonus book for all subscribers, a signed, hardcover copy of The Tao of Willie, the New York Times bestseller Pipkin co-authored with Willie Nelson.

The full series is a collector’s edition with a basic subscription rate of $200. The Indiegogo campaign will have additional levels with added perks, making The Book of the Every-Other Month Club a one-of-a-kind Christmas gift. The perk levels include archival canvas prints of a selection of Turk’s stunning photos from Africa and elsewhere.

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