Irina Voronina the Gorgeous Russian Triple Threat

Photography by Greg Autry*


Actress, Comedian, and Model, Irina Voronina is the Triple Threat of Beauty, Style, and Grace. I recently met with Irina at her beautiful home in Southern California to catch up on old times, and chat about all that’s going on in her professional life.

I was excited to talk with her about the new film she is in, SCRAMBLE. Watching the trailer, it is outrageous, fun, and way too sexy. Irina’s character’s name is “ V.’  V is vicious and out for revenge.









SCRAMBLE is destined to become an Indie Cult Hit, in the vein of Rocky Horror Picture Show.  You can Pre-Order SCRAMBLE on iTunes now.


Speaking of ‘catching up,’ I met Irina a few years ago on a fashion shoot at Pier 59 in Santa Monica. We were shooting designer gowns from the likes of Dior and Stella McCartney, and what we were really excited about was a dress being flown in from a designer in Paris, just for our shoot.


It had been a long day and when we finally got to the dress, from Paris, it turned out that the dress was cut and sewn so poorly, that Irina could not raise her arms above her waist. While the stylist tried making some alterations, Irina and I began shooting pictures of Irina goofing off, making faces, and cracking jokes all while holding a bag of Poppycocks (like Cracker Jacks.)










Irina had me in stitches with her one-liners and I remember telling her, `you should do standup!’ Now here we are a few years later, and Irina is doing Stand-Up at clubs in Los Angeles a couple times a month. Opening gigs for 2018 will have her performing at Flappers in Burbank Jan 4, and Bar Lubitsh in West Hollywood, Jan 17. She could do more comedy gigs but with acting and modeling there just aren’t enough hours in the day. She also has a Comedy Album, “From Russia with Laughs” which is available on itunes.

While Irina may not do comedy full-time, she did tell me that if Netflix or Showtime calls and wants her to do a Special, she’s available! Her home is beautiful, very traditional, with a lot of love and warmth present. She showed me the “ Vision Board” that she keeps on the fireplace mantle and said she keeps it there to inspire her to do all the things in life she can dream of. I snapped a few photographs of Irina while we talked.




Irina is beset with modeling gigs; from designer fashion and catalog shoots, to cosmetics, and product endorsements all keeping this stunning woman at the forefront of the business. And no wonder, she is every bit a beautiful in real life as in her photos. No Photoshop needed. I’ve been fortunate to photograph her at Style Fashion Week LA, as well as For the Stars Fashion House on Melrose.

Irina started modeling as a youngster in Moscow. By her late teens she was already 5’-10” tall, and soon modeling high fashion in Milan, Italy. In 2000, while working in Milan, a photographer she was working with asked if she would be interested in testing for Playboy. Things happened rapidly, she flew to Los Angeles for the test, and when Hef saw the photos Irina was signed by Playboy immediately to be Miss January, 2001.


Famed photographer Arny Freytag photographed Irina’s centerfold and this beauty has never looked back, keeping her `Vision Board’ updated with new accomplishments daily.

Irina moved to the USA in 2001 and has been a full time resident ever since, becoming a US citizen and an All-American Russian Girl.

Beauty is the obvious, and this woman is intelligent, genuine, and really down to earth. She deals with day to day things just like the rest of us. When I was taking some photos she suggested using her cat. Then she told me that her cat is a sweetie, but has a tendency to pee when excited. There was another cat come into the room, Ruby. Irina said, “don’t’ touch that one, she’s crazy!” See what I mean, real-life stuff.



When I was about to leave I asked Irina, `What would you like American’s to know about Russian people?” She replied; “On the big scheme of things Russian and American people have more similarities than you think. We all want peace, jobs, and a future for our children.” “Perfect” I said.


You can catch up with Irina Voronina yourself, on Social Media. Tell Irina that Greg Autry sent you, and make sure you check out the movie SCRAMBLE now!

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