Modernist Bread Authors Announce Next Book – Modernist Pizza

Modernist Gallery in the Forum Shops at Caesars Palace, Dianne R. Davis
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The team behind the award-winning Modernist Bread book announced the subject matter and name of their next book: Modernist Pizza. The announcement was made during an event at Modernist Cuisine Gallery at The Forum Shops inside Caesars Palace, which was held the first day of The International Pizza Expo. Twenty new photographs were also debuted at the reception.

Hot Slices Photo credit: Nathan Myhrvold / Modernist Cuisine Gallery, LLC

The new artwork by Modernist Cuisine founder, coauthor, and photographer Nathan Myhrvold includes four photographs that depict pizza in new and untraditional ways. The photography is available for sale at the Las Vegas gallery. The pizza photography will also be published in Modernist Pizza.

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Modernist Pizza will span multiple volumes and include both traditional and innovative recipes for pizzas found around the globe. The book, currently in its early stages, will explore topics like the science, history, equipment, techniques, and the people who have made pizza so beloved.

Authors Nathan Myhrvold and Francisco Migoya, with the Modernist Cuisine team, are presently conducting extensive research and testing long-held pizza-making beliefs; this quest for knowledge has already taken them to cities across the United States, Italy, and beyond. Their goal is to produce the most comprehensive pizza cookbook in the world.  

Wheel of Fortune Photo credit: Nathan Myhrvold / Modernist Cuisine Gallery, LLC

Pizza is a topic the Modernist Cuisine team began to explore when researching for and writing Modernist Bread. Although Modernist Bread touches on pizza styles like Neapolitan, New York, and Sicilian, the team felt that there was still much left to discover about pizza. 

The Land of Pizza Photo credit: Nathan Myhrvold / Modernist Cuisine Gallery, LLC

Nathan Myhrvold, founder of The Cooking Lab and lead author of Modernist Cuisine: The Art and Science of CookingModernist Cuisine at HomeThe Photography of Modernist Cuisine, and Modernist Bread, stated, “Despite its ubiquity, there’s still a lot to learn about one of the planet’s most popular foods, and our hope is that Modernist Pizza will deliver the story of pizza as it’s never been told before.”

Francisco Migoya, the Modernist Cuisine culinary team head chef and coauthor of Modernist Bread and forthcoming Modernist Pizza spoke at the reception Photo by Dianne R. Davis

Modernist Pizza is being published by The Cooking Lab, Myhrvold’s in-house publishing department and producer of the award-winning books Modernist Cuisine: The Art and Science of Cooking (2011), Modernist Cuisine at Home (2012), The Photography of Modernist Cuisine (2013), and Modernist Bread (2017).

Modernist Cuisine Gallery is the first gallery in the world to sell food photography by a single artist.

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