‘Rumors’ Review – Theatrical Excellence

Fox Carney, Robert McCollum, Judy Rose, Photo: Doug Engalla
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The Group Rep at the Lonny Chapman Theatre in North Hollywood has produced over 300 plays including 70 world premieres and is approaching a half century of theatrical artistry. Its latest offering “Rumors” by Neil Simon is yet another example of theatrical excellence. Of Neil Simon USA Today wrote: “Neil Simon makes people laugh a lot!” True. But without superb acting all shows in general and “Rumors” in particular could easily fall into disaster. Happily for The Group Rep they have once again succeeded in assembling an astonishingly brilliant cast for its presentation of “Rumors.”

Cheryl Crosland and Kent Butler, Photo: Doug Engalla

The banter is fast paced often sharp and witty with a steady interplay amongst the cast. Almost every line is laugh inducing as the story is told, a story that is all the more hilarious because the audience can easily identify with the events being portrayed on stage.

Fox Carney, Debi Tinsley, Photo: Doug Engalla

An upscale couple is celebrating their wedding anniversary and they have invited several of their friends to the party. But before the party even has a chance to begin things start to fall apart when the first guest discovers that the man of the house has been injured apparently from a gunshot and the wife is missing. In search of what has happened the man begins to try and piece the puzzle together relying heavily and a wide variety of rumors about the couple and their relationship. As others enter the scene the story continues to morph with the introduction of more rumors and assumptions and perceptions be they accurate or not.

Fox Carney, Cheryl Crosland, Kent Butler, Photo: Doug Engall

As the story continues to unfold the group of assembled guests reach a near panic and the audience is immersed in none stop laughter. Here is where I made a huge error because as the show arrived at intermission I formed the opinion that what would happen would be that everyone would calm down and draw back to a far more rational and reasonable view of the situation before them. That, however, is not what happens. Two police officers show up and a whole new dynamic sets in. The conclusion? Well now I will tell this, you will be blown away by the story of events as told by Lenny Ganz [played by Kent Butler] pretending to be the man of the house.

Doug Haverty and LizAnne Keigley, Photo: Doug Engalla

“Rumors” now onstage at the Lonny Chapman Theatre is a nearly two hour immersion into great fun and rich humor. It could not have been executed so well without a great cast and here they are:


Todd Andrew Ball as Glenn Cooper

Kent Butler as Lenny Ganz

Fox Carney as Ken Gorman

Cheryl Crosland as Claire Ganz

Doug Haverty – as – Ernie Cusack

LizAnne Keigley – as – Cookie Cusack

Hisato Masuyama-Ball – as – Cassie Cooper

Robert McCollum – as – Officer Welch

Judy Rosenfeld – as – Officer Pudney

Debi Tinsley – as – Chris Gorman


The show runs now through July 29th at the Lonny Chapman Theatre, 10900 Burbank Boulevard, North Hollywood, California. For further information including reservations and ticketing visit: thegrouprep website. Or call 818-763-5990.


Doug Haverty, Fox Carney, Kent Butler, and Andrew Ball, Photo: Doug Engalla

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