Richard Bernstein: STARMAKER, Andy Warhol’s Cover Artist Book Launch Event @ NYFW

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On September 5th, New York Fashion Week kicked into high gear with an epic celebration for the launch of Mauricio and Roger Padilha’s latest Rizzoli coffee table book- Richard Bernstein: STARMAKER, Andy Warhol’s Cover Artist.

Richard Bernstein: STARMAKER, Andy Warhol’s Cover Artist book cover

The PUBLIC Arts concert hall at Ian Schrager’s PUBLIC Hotel was decorated from wall to wall with enlarged artwork and cut outs of Bernstein’s iconic celebrity portraits; they graced the covers of Interview Magazines from 1972 to 1989.  As you walked into the space, you were immediately transported back in time to the lavish tumultuary of the mid to late 1970’s NYC nightlife scene.  On the stage, behind red velvet ropes, the decadence of the legendary VIP room at Studio 54 was recreated with performers resembling Liza Minnelli, Divine, Halston, Pat Ast, Jerry Hall and Grace Jones, dancing and partying the night away, while gorgeous scantily clad bus boys furnished bottle service of Svedka Vodka and champagne.

From Left: Queen Robert as Divine, Dirty Martini as Pat Ast, Jonte as Grace Jones and Markus Kellman as Liza Minnelli.  Photo by Andrew Werner.

Celebrities in attendance included: Creative Director of the new Interview Magazine- Mel Ottenberg, Pat Cleveland, Miss J Alexander, Angie Everhart, Amanda Lepore, Michael Musto, Halstonette Karen Bjornson, Gaultier Muse Stella Ellis, famed Studio 54 publicist Carmen D’Alessio, Dianne Brill, head of Warhol Enterprises Vincent Fremont and many many more.

From Left:  Television Personality Miss J Alexander, Club Queen Amanda Lepore, Supermodel Pat Cleveland & Supermodel and Actress Angie Everhart.  Photos by Andrew Werner & Andreas Hofweber

When asked why both he and his brother chose Richard Bernstein as their latest literary subject, Mauricio Padilha said: “Roger and I were obsessed with the covers of Andy Warhol’s Interview magazine when we were kids, so it has always been on our list of books to do”.  And when asked for he and Roger’s inspiration behind the flash back to Studio 54 party theme: “Richard Bernstein loved and pretty much lived in Studio 54, so of course we thought he would have wanted to recreate it to celebrate this book launch.”  And celebrate we did!

(L) Roger Padilha & (R) Mauricio Padilha, co-authors of Richard Bernstein: STARMAKER, Andy Warhol’s Cover Artist.  Photo by Mike Vitelli BFA

From Left:  Myself with V.O Actress Jen Cohn, Randy Jones of the Village People, Famed Journalist Michael Musto & Jake and Joseph Dupont – The Gender Fluid Twins.  Photos by Andrew Werner & Andreas Hofweber

Atmosphere.  Photo by Andreas Hofweber

The event was sponsored by Alcone Company with Oralgen, FHI Heat, Svedka Vodka, PUBLIC and Rizzoli, and event guests left with a goodie bag containing an FHI Heat mini leopard thermal brush, an Oralgen tooth whitening kit and charcoal toothpaste.

While chatting during the evening with Angie Everhart, I asked how she ended up in New York for the party, and she replied: “I’m a spokesperson for Oralgen, this party is all about celebrating iconic celebrity portraits, and flashing a dazzling smile is what it’s all about.  So, it made sense, and I am having a FABULOUS time!”

Angie Everhart.  Photo by Andreas Hofweber