Coconut Cartel at The Jim and Neesie – Come For the Food and Drinks, But Stay For the Vibe

The oysters at The Jim and Neesie were AMAZING!
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Miami has always been known for its spectacular beaches and interesting takes on above average culinary fare. Tucked away in the Generator Hostel and Hotel Miami, the first U.S. outpost of a chain of hostels headquartered in London, The Jim and Neesie is sure to be a premiere destination for millennials and tourists alike looking for innovative eats, impressive cocktails, and a positive vibe.

Decadent! The poached Truffle Egg is a Nice Touch!

Local talent Gui Jaroschy (of the award-winning Broken Shaker, The Anderson) and chef Daniel Roy (Stubborn Seed, Matador Room) are in charge of the food and beverage programs. Jaroschy explains the name of the restaurant comes from a “cool, eclectic couple” who are “living their best lives.” Bursting with a colorful backdrop The Jim and Neesie dedicate a soulful swanky restaurant for the lovers.

Honestly, it’s the type of restaurant that exuberates coolness and it similar to many hot spots in NYC. The decor is swanky! Darker hues with candlelit tables, family photos lining the walls with the hottest throwbacks in hip-hop and R&B is  just the dosage of chill you need after a day on the beach.

Simply Delicious!

“We shop local, everything is made in house, and we also cater to seasonality,” states Sous Chef Jorge Garcia. “We are doing global food and we do it well. Everything here is made with love.” I’d 100% have to agree. From the asparagus with a poached truffle egg or the charred octopus, complete with olives goat and feta cheese mix — bottom line, it is ridiculously amazing!

“We always cater to the seasonal food, our menu is constantly re-inventing itself,” states Garcia. “We are already thinking of what we can do for our next.Global food and seasonality. We are always going to have something interesting. “

Perfect Combination! The Apple Daiquiri is Refreshing!

Besides the notable bites that are purely outworldly, the hub also serves amazing Coconut Cartel beverages. Coconut Cartel is a strand above the rest in terms of delivering a delicious dark rum mixed with REAL coconut water. 

You can’t just find Coconut Cartel anywhere, it’s a process. So what does it take? Luckily we got in a few words with co-creator Dani Zig to answer that for us! “We try to partner with brands that have a customer base that seeks authentic products with a story vs. mass market brands. Many times this tends to be millennial driven spots. Being millennials ourselves we know that our generation values content and the story that comes behind the products we consume,” states Zig. “We want to know the people behind the brands we empower, we value transparency and we advocate our personal ideals by way of the brands we choose to represent. This rings true across the board for all types of goods from the vegetables we buy to the apparel brands we wear. ” 

The Old-Fashion Made with Coconut Cartel is Worth a Try!

Trust me, the final product is dangerous! Whether its a shot, on the rocks, or used to make daiquiris or a modern classic – The Old Fashion, Coconut Cartel is a step above the rest! “I dare say that Coconut Cartel is the smoothest spirit on the market period- regardless of category,” Zig expressed. “Unlike many other rums, Coconut Cartel is low in sugar (deriving most of it from the coconut water) and should be enjoyed on the rocks.”

“We’re the coconut water of alcohol. Everyone else went the healthy, give-your-kids-a-coconut route. Ours is a lifestyle brand,” states co-creator Mike Zig in an interview with First We Feast. “We mix well with alcohol, we look good on the table. It’s not a juice-box brand.” Celebs like Drake, Martha Stewart, and more are lovers of the brand as well. My personal favorite beverage was simple, Coconut Cartel on the rocks. The ice cube pushes the notes of coconut forward, delivering an undefeated smooth finish.

If you’re in the area, and even if you’re not, a stop at The Jim and Neesie is worth it! You will be thankful you did!

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