Sixth+Mill Review – A Taste of Southern Italy in SoCal

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It’s no surprise that Los Angeles is a culinary hotpot, however there are a select few restaurants that have risen above your average and sixth+mill pizzeria and bar makes the cut.

Located in DTLA, sixth+mill pizzeria and bar is a casual-dining restaurant from Chef Angelo Auriana & Restaurateur Matteo Ferdinandi. The restaurant joins the widely successful BRERA Ristorante and The Factory Kitchen, offering a dining destination celebrating the regions of Southern Italy. The neighborhood itself is a trendy industrial area of LA that has a lot of charm and a ton of buzzing new comings!

The menu is inspired by chef Angelo’s childhood memories such as home cooking based off of family recipes. Notable items such as cheeses, cured meats, and olive oil from the mountainous terrain of Molise are imported from Italy to add that extra touch of home. Coupled with local produce that enhances the authenticity and freshness of each dish, you can’t go wrong.  

The Gnocchi alla Sorrentina, a hearty dish from Campania, is a deep, simmering dish of garlic-infused potato gnocchi with a bright tomato sauce, topped with bubbling mozzarella and fresh basil. Chef Angelo has imported a Mario Acunto Neopolitan-style wood-fired oven encased with refractory bricks, allowing a thermal source of heat to provide consistency throughout the baking process for pizzas and pastas al forno. The Pasta al Forno is an interesting take on lasagna. Served smoldering hot and topped with tons of cheese, this dish is a nice warn hug of Italy’s best comfort food.

Sixth+Mill is bringing some unique aspects to LA! Definitely check it out if you’re in the area as you won’t be disappointed.