Poseidonion Grand Hotel Review – At the Greek Cote d’Azur

Poseidonion Hotel Exterior, Photo: Courtesy of Poseidonion Hotel
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Two of my favourite hotels in Cote d’Azur are the Carlton and the Negresco! And since this summer I decided to spend my holidays in Greece, I felt I would like to try a hotel that totally reminds me of these two – which is no other than the Poseidonion Grand Hotel in the beautiful island of Spetses, just outside of Athens.

Poseidonion Grand Hotel was built in 1914 from the benefactor of Spetses, Sotirios Anargyros, a man with a vision like no other. Since its start, PGH was a meeting point for affluent Athenians, artists, Prime Ministers, Kings and even Celebrities from abroad. Every single one of them wanted to feel happy and live that Belle Epoch vibe. Ten years ago, the hotel got an amazing five year renovation that kept its character and elevated some details towards a more modern approach. 

I had the pleasure of staying at a marvellous suite that had a sea view! Bits and parts from the past were elegantly scattered all around in my suite. During my stay, Spetsathlon – a multisport endurance race – was taking place, so my view was even more intriguing. The second night of our stay, we visited the “Titania” Cinema, operated by the hotel and enjoyed a movie under tha stars. In the next morning, apart from the fresh eggs at various forms, I indulged in the so many different kinds of milk that were at the breakfast table. Almond was my first choice but soya and coconut milk are also a “must have” for a healthy breakfast!

In the afternoons we took walks in the beautiful town of Spetses and afterwards we always ended up having dinner at the elegant restaurant of the hotel, called “On the Verandah”. The chef who was responsible for the menu was Stamatis Marmarinos and trust me, the food was beyond delicious! It was no wonder that it got an Athinorama Award for the third consecutive time, while the hotel itself has an eco – fruit, flowers and vegetable secret garden – called the “Bostani” which received a golden award at the Tourism Conference this season! Drinks after dinner followed at the hotels Palms Bar, by the creative mixologists of Baba Au Rum, who are working together with PGH. 

My top relaxation moment though, was at the exclusive Asian Spa Resort, which is located by the second private pool. The hands of the Indian specialist who gave me my massage, were what every person needs when on vacation, or even a business trip! That, and the hair and nail artists, who are so heart welcoming and totally pampered me, gave me a luxurious touch at this Greek island. 

Poseidonion Grand Hotel, is one of the very few hotels in the world where you can buy art. If you see a painting or statue that you like, you can request to buy it if you fancy, hence and the gallery shop inside, apart from the exquisite “Mageia” boutique, where important greek designers can be found. 

PGH is supposed to be the jewel of the island. The multiple international hotel awards they have acquired during the years is not by chance.  No Wonder! Just go and live your Greek Cote d’Azur experience … 

Photos: Courtesy of the hotel

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