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Cathlene Miner leads individuals and organizations on a powerful journey of healing and thriving from the inside out. She is a #1 Best Selling Author of The 30 Day Self Perception Makeover!, Radio Show Host on WSOS 103.9 and 95.5 FM, “Manifesting Magic,” TV Show Host of “Manifesting Magic in Your Everyday Life,” Self-Perception LifeCoach, Fitness Expert & Trainer, and President of nonprofit Hopefull Handbags International. As founder of Manifesting Magic in your everyday life © as well as wife, mother of 4 and grandmother to 2, Cathlene Miner applies 26 years of experience in the coaching, speaking, entrepreneurial, and fitness industries. She continues changing lives and organizations for the better by offering the tools to a Healthy Self-Perception that will ignite a journey to everything desired with as little as one hour per week!

What is manifestation? How have you experienced it in your own life? 

I think of manifestation as creating.  Creating your life on Purpose.

Yes, I experience manifestation daily.  Manifesting on purpose is a lifestyle.  A lifestyle that I happily live. 

Many of our viewers make wishes and those wishes are not coming through. Is there an art in allowing?Absolutely!  Wishing is usually thought of or spoken as just a statement.  You must go deeper than that.  Ask yourself a few more questions.

Here are some simple questions to ask yourself… 

  • What is your wish?
  • How do you desire that wish will make you feel?
  • Visualize the “feeling” of how you think that wish will make you feel.

Bonus question to really get things going…

  • When you think about your wish…What doubts do you have that that wish will become your reality?
  • Take those doubts and turn them around into positive unique mantras and statements.
  • Every time that doubt creeps in say your unique mantra and go to the feeling place of your wish.
  • You are on your way to Manifesting magic in your everyday life®️

 on Purpose.

Do you think that anyone can tap into manifesting magic regardless of age and/or mindset?

Yes, I do.  It really is all about retraining your subconscious mind. I know that mindset can be tweaked and changed with consistency and practice.

How do you deal with the not so good in your life?

That’s a big answer, I say that because the “not so good” in everyone’s life is so unique.

But here is a very effective way that works for everyone is to start with.

  1. relooking at your “not so good”.
  2. ask yourself if it’sreally that bad.  
  3. Ask yourself, Is there a lesson to be learned?
  4. Did this open up other doors for you?
  5. This will help you to see some good in most “not so good” situations.

And then we have the really “not so good” things. Losing a loved one or a friend is beyond “not so good” feeling.

This one is so hard but begin by thinking of the happy times and characteristics about that person.  Give yourself time to grieve but also allow yourself to smile when you think of that person.  Pay attention to the messages that person may be sending your way and allow it to motivate and inspire you. 

We understand you are working on a teen book. What is the name of the book?  What can our readers expect from this book? When will the book be released?  

Yes, I am.  The 30 Day Self Perception Makeover®️ Teen Edition.  This book is already changing lives all over the world.  I have some amazing teens and a teen co-author that given me the inside scoop on what is going on in teens lives these days. It has allowed me to use all of the experiences that I had over my 27-year career and help teens in ways that have never been done before.

The Women’s book will be released as a new edition within the next month and the teen boys, preteen and men’s versions are in the works.

Calling all teens that would like to share their story with the world.

I also have a Teen book and am accepting applications for teens (boys or girls) to be involved in telling their very own story in a published book.  Please go to my website for more information.

Every single one of us has a Self Perception and that Self Perception dictates the chances we take, the choices we make, the relationships we stay in, personally and professionally, and the ones that we move on from because we know that we are meant for more.

This book is about getting your Self Perception Healthy and beginning as a teen because the earlier the better.  There are so many influences with social media and peer pressure.  With a truly Healthy Self Perception, teens will make the choices they Intuitively know is right, not just what the crowd thinks is right. 

By the end of the 30 Day Self Perception Makeover®️, you will be following your Intuition 100% of the time and also radiating out positive energy that will directly effect those around you in a positive way.

Who taught you about manifestation and this lifestyle? 

I was blessed by being raised by parents that always looked at the glass half full so that is where it started.  But as I went through being very ill when I was pregnant as a teen and getting a divorce at an early age that lead me to being a single mom of two children,  I began to live a Manifesting Magic in my everyday life lifestyle and my world was changed in so many amazing ways right before my eyes and everyone’s eyes around me. 

Do you think most successful people have this mindset?

I do think most long-term successful people have a mindset of looking at life with a half glass full almost all of the time.  And even in their “down” days they really know it is just that, a “down” day that will go up and get better from there. It will not last long because they will not allow it.  They also use these “down” times to learn lessons in this life.

What do you hope people take away from you?

 I hope every time someone hears me speak, reads my books or gets involved in my charity, Hopefull Handbags, Inc. that they realize there is Hope and that Hope can change your life if you know the right tools to begin changing your subconscious mind and are consistent. Hope can get you over the hump and allow you to live a joyous life surrounded by amazing people.

How can people pick up a copy of your book? 

The 30 Day Self Perception Makeover®️ Teen Book is available for Preorder right now on my Website and we are delivering in a few weeks! The 30-Day Self Perception Makoever®️ is available there as well.

What do you have to say to people that are skeptical about manifesting in their own life?

People that are skeptical are awesome to talk to… I would tell them that they manifest it in their lives every day so why not do it on purpose. 

What is your motto or something you want to be remembered for? 

“Never Underestimate the Power of Hope”

What is the best thing you have manifested? Tell us about it. 

 There are so many!! 

My husband!  Yes, I really did!! This story would take a while too but here is a hint: I had a healthy Self Perception and I knew how I desired to feel in a relationship. 

Also, I manifested recently where I really desired to live!!  I really desired to move back to my home state of Florida as my parents and my sister were all living there.  I really desired to live where I could have a short walk if any to the ocean. I desired to have a water view with enough room for my entire family and guests.  Similar to the way I manifested my husband,  the move came about.  This one took a little longer because there were multiple people and moving parts involved. That is totally normal when you have multiple people or things (family, jobs, school, etc…) involved.   But so so worth it!!

I now live at that beach, in that house and drive that car with my amazing family close to me.

How can one start manifesting?

Pretty close to question 2 with the art of allowing… 

Here are some basics to get you started…

●     Clarity

If you put wishy-washy out, you will get wishy-washy back.

●     Healthy Self Perception speeds up the process.

It allows for fewer blocks to stand in your way…Remember your Self Perception is the base of everything! 

●     Releasing Limiting Beliefs and Blocks

  • Forgive and release your limiting beliefs and blocks for the lessons they have taught you. Sometimes we are given limiting beliefs from others that we take on in our subconscious mind and believe them as their own. These are just made up stories we are telling ourselves.
    • Retraining our subconscious mind and asking the simple question:

Show me the proof that this is true?

Is there something one must do in order to really achieve a life filled with magic? 

One of the most basic things that people underestimate is the power of being grateful.

  • Being grateful for where you are right now in your life.
  • Being grateful for the lessons you have learned.
  • Being grateful for friends and family. (especially the ones that lift you up)
  • Being grateful for the ability to breath, etc…

Simply be grateful for everything.  By doing this you are surrounding yourself with positive energy and opening your flow to Manifesting Magic in your everyday life®️ 

 Every. Single. Day. On Purpose…

Do you offer coaching and/or online classes?

I do offer courses and my next course will be released at the end of this year. 

The Self Perception Academy.  Go to the Cathlene Miner website for more information!

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