Sebastian Sacco – A Brit in L.A is on Track for Stardom

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SEBASTIAN SACCO is a talented British actor who has worked on top UK television shows and many award-winning short films. After Lana Steele, a successful web series in which Sacco was a co-star, gained millions of You Tube views, his career really began to gain traction. The actor most recently landed the lead role in, A CHRISTMAS RECIPE FOR ROMANCE, a film about to be released in the US, Canada and Europe.

SPLASH: Hi, Sebastian.


SPLASH: How long have you been here in L.A and what is it like compared to London?

Sebastian Sacco and Madeline Leon – Photo by Cameron McDonald

SEBASTIAN: I’ve lived in Los Angeles for the last two and a half years and I’m really loving it here. London has a lot of history and really great transportation compared to L.A. which is definitely a car town. What I love most about L.A. is that it is full of creatives. It is the center of the entertainment industry and it’s so much easier to meet with people who work in the business. The weather and beach don’t hurt either.

SPLASH: So how did you get into acting?

SEBASTIAN: I started in school like most people but then gave it up for a long time. I didn’t start again until I was about 23. It was always something I loved and as much as I tried to do something that people would consider a secure job, acting was just too strong of a desire to ignore.

Madeline Leon and Sebastian Sacco in “A Christmas Recipe for Romance”
Photo by Cameron McDonald

SPLASH: Did you get encouragement from your family?

SEBASTIAN: I did and still do. It helps a lot. When I came to them and in said I wanted to make a go of acting they were obviously concerned. They understood how competitive it is and what a struggle it can be, but they also saw how driven I was and told me if that if I’m going to go for it, I need to give it 110%. So I’ve been doing that and will continue to follow the work ethic my family taught me.

SPLASH: So what have been some of your favorite projects that you worked on in the UK?

SEBASTIAN: I worked on a number of great projects in the UK but I think my favorite was actually a short film called Tommy. I got to work with a very talented writer/director, James Sieradzki. We formed a strong bond and tackled an important subject about what soldiers went through in World War 1. The film needed to be strong and coherent and I think we really accomplished that. Tommy was an unforgettable experience. We transformed a field into no man’s land, put up real barbed wire, churned up the mud, brought in a working tank and a dozen extras, not to mention real TNT going off as I ran through a battlefield. The entire cast and crew were super talented. Being a part of that shoot and being allowed to explore the horrors of war, even though it was on a movie set was special and very rewarding. I’m also super pleased with how the film was received. Audiences really connected with it.

Sebastian Sacco in the film, “Tommy” – Photo by Laura Radford

SPLASH: How did you land your role in your latest film, A Christmas Recipe for Romance, in which you play a celebrity chef?

SEBASTIAN: I was actually at home in England visiting my family as it was my niece’s first birthday. I got an email from my agent asking if I could I film myself for this scene and send it over. Originally, the character of “Jason” was American but upon reading the script I really felt he had this Gorden Ramsey vibe to him, probably because I had been watching him a lot on TV at the time and was kind of fascinated by how he worked with people. My agent agreed with my choice and sent the self-tape to the producers. They obviously liked it because when I got back to Los Angeles, they called me back and within a month I was in Canada, filming.

SPLASH: How did it feel carrying a movie for the first time?

Sebastian Sacco – Photo by: Tobias Brebner

SEBASTIAN: That responsibility really throws you in the fire and gets so much out of you. The first day was a little intense. I have been on been on big sets before but not one that I was the lead in. The Executive Producer and owner of the company, Brain Power Productions was on set to see how I would handle my first scene. Luckily the nerves went away and I got on with the job. I ended up becoming very fond of the entire cast and crew. I recently had dinner with Beth Stevenson and some of the other producers and it was so great to see their faces. The hardest part of a job is when it ends. You really miss the people you just got so close to.

SPLASH: So when and where will A Christmas Recipe For Romance, air?

SEBASTIAN: It will be airing on the 24th of December on UP TV at 7pm Eastern time for those of you in the US. The Heart and Home channel on the 28th at 8 pm for those of you in Canada, M6 in France. That’s all I know at the moment. I believe eventually next year it will be on a streaming platform, so stay tuned if you’re outside those countries.

SPLASH: So what’s next for you, Sebastian? What projects are you working on?

SEBASTIAN: I have quite a few in the works. One is a film I was cast in a few years back but it got stalled and is now getting ready for production again. I can’t really say too much about it just yet. I also have another film I’m very excited about, especially about the prospect of working with this one particular director who also has a TV series in the works that I will hopefully be a part of as one of the leads. It’s a major role and I think will be quite groundbreaking. So I’m really looking forward to the year ahead.

SPLASH: Good luck with all that, Sebastian, and thanks for chatting with us.

SEBASTIAN: Thank you.

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