Peter Foldy Discusses Films, Music and His New Single, “Toxic World”

Peter Foldy

Known for his catchy pop melodies, PETER FOLDY has enjoyed musical success on labels such as Capitol/EMI and Quality Records in Canada and Polydor  and RCA Records in the US. Following the warm reception for his 2016 CD, “Nine Lives,” the two-time Canadian Juno Award nominee is back with an infectious, thought provoking,  pop/dance single, TOXIC WORLD.  Written and co-produced by Foldy, the song is a fresh direction for the artist, one that offers up encouragement and hope for a messed-up world. 

These days the singer seems to have one foot in the music business, the other in film. We caught up with him recently to ask about his multiple creative endeavors.

Peter Foldy

Hi, Peter. I love your song, “Toxic World.” What inspired you to release it at this time, when there is such an overwhelming barrage of music out there by young artists and making a living in the music business has become more and more difficult.

That’s a good question. Basically, I was overwhelmed by the negativity I was waking up to every morning. The racial divide in America which has reared its ugly head again, global warming, which I believe to be a real concern, and of course the violence that we read about every day. I found it so disturbing that I made a pledge not to turn the news on till the afternoon, so when this melody popped into my head the lyrics for “Toxic World” just seemed to flow out of me.

While the message of your song is a wake-up call, there is also something very peaceful and hopeful about it.

Yes. Despite its sobering world-view, “Toxic World” is also a love song about a young couple needing to stay united in these troubled time. I really tried to infuse hope and encouragement into the lyrics. I do believe that if we’re united we can make a change.

Your current “day job” is writing and directing films. Was it difficult stepping back into the music business?

In some ways it was. The music business has changed so much since my first go around. Like you said, there is an abundance of great music out there and most radio stations only plays the top music stars. New artists have a very hard time getting traction, and older artists probably have it even harder, unless they are already very established. But you know what, I can’t let that stop me from doing something I love. It’s like telling a painter you will never be Rembrandt so you might as well stop creating. I do it because I love it and hope that other people will connect with the music and the message. I’m very lucky to have had some success back in the day, primarily in Canada, so there are people out there who remember my music, and those folks are my starting point with the tracks that I put out. Since Facebook came along I’ve gotten some encouraging messages, saying kind things about my music and that’s what inspired me to record a 10 track CD in 2016 called “Nine Lives.” I was thrilled that it was really well received. “Toxic World” is the overdue follow up to that album.

Peter Foldy

Why just a single this time?

Because it takes so long. “Nine “Lives” took me at least 5 years to complete, and “Toxic World” took over a year before I found a feel for it I was happy with. I don’t have the support of a major label, like I did in the old days.  

Who did you work with on “Toxic World?

Quite a few people. I started with a guitar/voice guide track that I recorded at Melrose Music Studios in L.A. and then gradually had other musicians add parts as we went along. Really, the arrangement was first created by a friend from London called Jamie Ward. He is in a cool UK band called Balcony. Jamie was crashing at my place this past January and he helped me find the right direction for the song. I later worked with David Williams, who co-produced “Nine Lives” with me, and he and I hired a guy called S’von Ringo, who works with Smokey Robinson, to add some parts. A Hungarian friend and collaborator, Imre Czomba also created some important musical hooks, but it was really when producer Miklos Malek came on board that I feel the track really found it’s groove. Miklos works with people like Arianna Grande and Jennifer Lopez among many others, and he took “Toxic World” to another level.

Are you working on any new music at the moment?

There are always melodies floating around in my head, but I am currently tied up producing a movie in Guthrie, Oklahoma called “A Thousand Little Cut.” It is written and directed by a very talented guy called Josh Brandon. 

Can you talk about it?

It’s a psychological thriller that stars an icon from the “Star Trek” franchise, Marina Sirtis. Also in the cast are Colin Ferguson who you might remember fromthe SyFy Channel’sTV show, Eurekaas well asCanadian actress, Rebecca Liddiard and an up and coming young Aussie, Andrew Creer who was in the TV series “Lethal Weapon” and is now one of the stars of the Netflix show, “You.”

Peter Foldy

Any other film projects in the works?

Yes, some good ones but nothing yet locked in stone. Films take forever to set up.

And yet you’ve managed to direct

About 10 films so far. 6 of them features. 

You’ve directed people like Paul Rudd, Eugene Levy and Beverly D’Angelo among many others.

True. Lots of stories there for another time.

So where can people find your single, “Toxic World” and how are you getting the word out?

Well, besides lovely people like you who are letting me talk about it, I have a very motivated little team around me. There is promotions manager, James Collins who is sending the song to radio and making follow up calls. A talented young guy called, Joel Gouveia who created a cool lyric video which is now up on You Tube and Neal Cooper in L.A. who is helping with social media and getting the song heard by influencers. In term of finding the single, It’s on Spotify, iTunes and all the other on-line outlets. Hopefully your readers will check it out and help spread the message.


Thanks for talking with us, Peter and good luck with all your projects.

Thank you.

Photos: András Zákonyi

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