It’s Christmas And It’s Live! – Let Joy Fill Your Heart

photo credit Ken Jacques cast of Lamb's Festival of Christmas
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By Kathy Carpenter

photo credit Ken Jacques
Michael Louis Cusimano, Beau Brians, Nicki Elledge, Caitie Grady

Lamb’s Festival of Christmas presents It’s Christmas and Live. Written by the multi-talented Kerry Meads, as she is also part of the cast. Directed by Denorah Gilmour Smyth, with musical direction by G. Scott Lacy, and choreography by Luke Harvey Jacobs. When your temper runs short in this festive season this is the show that will bring back the joy. A mash up of White Christmas and a Variety show special. Fun, Family entertainment with sprinkled with laughter a touch of romance.

photo credit Ken Jacques
Brent Schindele, Nicki Elledge

The show journeys back to the early days of television, in New York, where a blizzard is descending on the city. It takes place at UBC Studios, December 24, 1952. The weather is so bad no one can make it to the studio. The heart throb Steve Fairfield is supposed to have a live broadcast of his variety show. The director is frantic. The only people who got to station is the winners of sponsors contest, The Harmoneers,  four amateur singers from Iowa. In true Christmas fashion they all pull together to put on a show.

Photo credit Ken Jacques
Kerry Meads & Dave Heath

The stage is set with a piano, and a beautiful simple tree decked out all in silver. The tree is in fron of a window with a gorgeous painted snow capped winterscape. The white beech tree looked so real I had to ask my neighbor if he thought it was real. He agreed it looked real but said it was painted. That beech tree added a lot for me. There was also a small table and a chair for the star and a white brick corner fireplace. In the second act we find the stage changing to reflect the more homey Harmoneers. The tree rotates to include big colored lights of yore. Cards fill the piano atop a plaid covering, a string of cards across the fireplace, a couch is aided,  with a quilt, and cranberries and popcorn are strung.

photo credit Ken Jacques
cast of Festival of Christmas

The unique and wonderful characters the actors bring to life is what makes the show. Yes, the production is filled with beautiful, and fun Christmas music, it’s a Christmas show. However, it’s the combination of story and music that makes to Lamb’s Festival of Christmas a tradition year after year. Each years is familiar but new.

photo credit Ken Jacques
Michael Louis Cusimano, Caitie Grady, Beau Brians

Brent Schindele, plays Steve Fairfield, portraying the host with an ego to the tee. David Cochran Heath, really puts everything he has into Mr. Delmonico, the directer. His emotions running the gamut. Nikki Errington and Caitie Grady, have the voices of angels. Kerry Meads, plays assistant to the director, the one who really handle everything. She is fabulous. The one who makes me laugh, is Omri Schein, as Frankie, the behind the scenes man. I have seen Schein several times now, and he just brings the laughter. Rounding out the cast Eileen Bowman, as Opal, the sponsor;s wife, who also somehow made it through the blizzard. Beau Brians, and Michael Louis Cusimano, as the guys in the group. Sarah Errington, as the gopher, and Roxie as the dog.

photo credit Ken Jacques
Beau Brians, Caitie Grady, Michael Louis Cusimano, Nicki Elledge

Don’t be so busy living life you forget to make a life. Spend time with a loved one and be in the moment.

photo credit Ken Jacques
Dave Heath and cast of Lamb’s Festival of Christmas

It’s Christmas and It’s Live!

December 5 -29, 2019

Lamb’s Players Theatre

Orange Ave. Coronado


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