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Vince Hall, Personal Trainer, Photo: Courtesy of Vince Hall
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By Vince Hall

This is the first of a series of articles designed to help you reduce pain, and work towards a healthier lifestyle and a “happier” body. No matter if you’re in good shape or are living in pain, this information will help.

You ask what makes me qualified to write this series and try to help you? Well on April 26th 1990, I tore my ACL, MCL, PCL, cartilage, tendon, perineal nerve and dislocated my fibula!

My new job

Just like that my life changed and unbeknown to me the direction of my life, had changed. The reason I share that with you is today, despite that horrific injury which took 3 orthopedic doctors 8 hours of surgery to repair, I don’t have pain from those injuries.

What happened to me?

How did I do this? I was blessed to play sports at a high level in high school and in college. I was two sport athlete in college, playing both baseball as well as basketball. So I was a pretty good athlete.

High school days
My college team

After college I ended up with a good job working in California at a high tech company and my company started a softball league team.

On opening night, I was tagging up from 3rd base and yes, showing off my speed on a shallow fly ball. My speed beat the throw to home plate easily. However, when my foot hit the plate my cleats slipped off the plate, my foot turned sideways as it landed on the dirt and Snap! Literally! 

I lived in pain for a long time after that. For those of us who have lived in pain we know that is no way to live.

The truth is after therapy there is a cliff to fall off for most of us. We are not fully recovered. We do not know what to do for our recovery. Your still in pain with limited mobility.

What are the options available? Hopefully find one those wonderful trainers out there that know their stuff. Good luck. The truth again is most of us do not have that option readily available for a multitude of reasons. So your stuck. I was one of those people.

Another option that is widely available to help is drugs. How many of you really want that option? Look at the drug epidemic that is gripping us all around the world as a result of living in pain. BTW, I am not saying there are no good uses of drugs. I’m saying who wants to live that way.

As a result of this cliff I was facing, and the option of using drugs regularly, I dug deeper. I became obsessed with finding more options and knowledge. As a result of this obsession I developed some techniques and movement patterns that helped me reduce the pain in my body and helped me regain my mobility that I want to share with all of you. I call it Body Strategy. How many of you have a true body strategy? I did not!

When the injury happened, I was told I probably would need a knee replacement and walk with a limp and probably develop hip issues. I was one of the last total knee reconstructive surgeries and I have a 15 inch scar to prove it. I did not have a knee replacement nor do I walk with a limp and my hips are fine.

It was not all me people. A big thank you to all the wonderful doctors, nurses, MA,s LVN’s, physical terrorist, oops my bad therapist (lol, love you incredible ladies and men) and administrators who helped me recover.

Today, I play basketball, hike and workout without pain. As a result of that life changing event I went from working high tech to owning my own wellness company called My Peak Fitness.

Vince Hall hiking

The key to my recovery and developing these techniques is an important concept I want to introduce to all of you, which is the power of understanding how force affects our bodies. How the body distributes force or mitigates it has a tremendous impact on not only how you feel but also your fitness and wellness results. 

There are several key points of the body that you would be wise to open your mind to learning how force affects it and strategies to mitigate it.

When you have an “uncontrolled fall” that force has to come out somewhere. When I produced that amount of speed to score and my foot slid off that base to an awkward position it was that force that had to come out somewhere. My knee was the victim!

In this article I will introduce you to the first of several key areas of the body that, If you keep an open mind, could change not only your fitness and wellness, but also your life in general. “I know, I know, Vince, that is a strong statement.” I agree.

However, I have been blessed to change peoples wellness and according to them their lives. And I will continue to affect those levels of changes in people’s life. It is one of the most amazing parts of this journey to be a part of.

The first of those key areas is the foot. It all starts with the feet people. Think about this for a minute, the first point of contact that deals with force is your feet. How many of you have a body strategy that deals with your feet? I would guess not many. Unless you have chronic foot issues most of us take for granted the complexity that your feet deal with and how that impacts your whole body.

From Wikipedia, the foot is very important

I am working on a book which will give more details on body strategies in those key areas, however, I will share one of them for you wonderful people that read.

To affect long term change in the feet and body, you need to roll out the knots in your feet. Roll and release muscle wellness in your feet. Those knots I call aliens, like from outer space people, be nice .

A good technique to roll and release foot wellness is……darn, my bad….he he he. I’m sorry people my times up (lol, I’m a bad wanna be comedian). Stay tuned for the next edition in which I promise to give you more details.

Happy wellness and remember my philosophy is to help “make you feel better in the body you are in, so you can achieve the body you want “. Bye long for now- until we meet again 

Photos are courtesy of Vince Hall unless otherwise noted.

Vince Hall is Chief Executive Officer  of                                                                                                                         Peak Fitness
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