In Memory of George Floyd – A letter to our Readers

Sir Kahil El’Zabar, Photo: Katon Blackburn

During these very difficult days when it so easy to divide people for almost any reason, we at Splash Magazines Worldwide look toward a way of behaving as American citizens who believe in equality, liberty and justice for all.  World famous Chicago musician, Sir Kahil El’Zabar, offers readers guidance.

Dear Friends, 

In the struggle for freedom and righteousness, I wish you all, safety, health, comfort, and love, in these crazy, crazy times! My heart is saddened as well as my anger severely challenged by the travesty of this unethical and in humane murder of brother George Floyd! Our hearts deeply go out to his family and loved ones. This was another completely unnecessary misuse of American law enforcement, that targets Black men as permissible murder victims! 

We have witnessed far too long, unwarranted killings of Black boys, women, and men (Emmitt Till, Travon Martin, Rodney King, Ahmaud Arbery, Breonna Taylor, and on), to the conspiratorial slayings of our leaders (Martin Luther King Jr., Fred Hampton, Medgar Evers, Malcolm X, Patrice Lamumba, Steve Biko, and so many more), along with all of thousands of nameless Brothers and Sisters who were lynched and murdered. The Karmic debt of this behavior must be dealt with head on. The future of America depends on the full acknowledgement of its severe wrongs to Black folk and all people of color, in terms of injustices suffered under the guise of systemic racism. There is plenty of guilt to be felt for these sins and atrocities, and I do contend that everyone should accept a constionable responsibility in changing this horrific systemic behavior!

In short, it is never time to hate, for it blocks the flow of your higher vibration and it can take you to a place of unethical darkness. Accordingly, we must seriously acquire the means to put these ignorant and zealous law enforcement murders in check, right now! We, the people, have to strategize and then implement agendas that will effectively immobilize these officers from any further killing of men of color in the United States. We are so greatly in need of an illuminated vision at this time! There’s darkness in parts of society today that reek with demonic abomination. It permeates our leadership at the highest level, our government, popular media, corporate businesses, organized crime, educational institutions, financial institutions, and even organized religion. 

Photo: Travis Roozee

Where are our dreams to come true, now? We have all become somewhat dull, with less fire in our bellies, due to the systematic seduction of social networking and mass media. Where is the resolve for the creative reinvention of our destiny? What are we so afraid of in these times, beyond the COVID-19 Pandemic? Past generations were able to get through harsher realities than what we are currently experiencing, revitalizing their courage and zest for living! We can do it too! The higher laws of attraction are in our favor. We just have to accept and tap into their power. My ancestors (old time Black folks), were able to recapture inspired dreams and aspirations, and transform them into potent actions, even under insurmountable odds. They accomplished incredible feats of valor for the cause of freedom and enlightened humanity.

My point in bringing all of this up, is to say that we, the people, are definitely winning against the odds of what we’ve had to endure, or in terms of what was intended for us. We seldom talk about Black folks in the context of winning! I say this with enormous pride, that we are not victims. We have no doubt been victimized and used in the utmost immoral fashion over centuries, but we have never really viewed ourselves as the victim. We have always found a way to rise to the occasion, following through with what it took to support and free our loved ones. In these times of blatant abuse of justice and immoral human conduct, we do not have time to be the victim. We must act with creative resolution and rise once again against all odds, tapping into the laws of higher attraction, which activate frequencies of Infinite Spirit! We have to urgently take the reins right now, just as our ancestors and allies before us, and figure out the way to get beyond these current tragic circumstances. It is urgent that we learn to strategize more effectively, getting beyond our emotions and hardships, pursuing with greater clarity, the means to beat this auspiciously dark political/economic game.  My ancestors had no choice but to put their emotions aside and move forthright in the struggle for freedom and equality.

Photo: Travis Roozee

So, where do we go from here? What dreams do we have with imagination enough to free the people? Let’s really help one another learn how to deal with the American power game, therefore learning the rules that allow us to play and win on our own terms? How can we currently build an effectively mobilized constituency to empower righteous policies?  Who currently represents our local, national, and global vision/mission, best? Where is the fresh charisma today? Who’s got the real heat to inspire, gather, and galvanize? What’s the agenda, and how do we activate it? We must ask ourselves again and again if we seriously want to be in power, and if we are willing to accept the fate of an acknowledged leadership? We are beyond intellectual theory pondering and reactionary conversation at this point. Both our men and women have to sincerely ask themselves, if they are warriors or slaves? This is no joke! The true warrior defends his or her rights to freedom and protects those lesser capable of protecting their own rights. We have to be passionate and as committed to our mission in order that we compete successfully, and thus win on our own terms! It is what it is. Things are harsh and ugly in these times. We have to see beyond to the Light, there is no other way! Let’s dream big and execute accordingly. 

As an elder, I challenge our youth to innovate a method of communication that will solidify the alternative voice in our society and across the globe. There is a new constituency to galvanize, that needs to be heard, where like spirits and like minds quest dignity in being human, towards an enlightened path of cultural diversity, love, and respect. 

Photo: Travis Roozee

Being that I graduated from high school in Chicago in 1970, I saw and participated in the marches, protest, and riots in 68’. I was a serious young teenage musician, participating in the cultural mecca that was Chicago at the time. It was a super segregated City, as it still is today, but culturally rich and diverse, as it still is today. I never imagined that my children would have to go through the same kind  of experiences – extreme police brutality and political injustices. Yet, here we are now, repeating the same terrifying behavior! I literally fear for my kid’s lives now as they join with their peers against Fascism in America. I am proud of them all, for accepting to be on the frontline, supporting the rights of the people! I will never allow myself to hate anyone or be sucked into darkness! We can only truly win through the Light!

Never forget that the rules of chance concurrent in nature, will definitely affect even the so- called most powerful people’s plans. The one percenters are not in control of nature nor the mysteries of creation. We should never give up hope in our own ability to conjure constructive reinvention, that could foster greater humanity.

We, the people currently have an opportunity to discuss and converse amongst ourselves about what we want our world to look like and become. We have the inalienable right and responsibility to forge our ideas into positive and effective actions that will promote as well as protect our freedom now and into the future! I’m excited about the possibilities of what we have the opportunity to achieve, that will, in turn, guide a healthier enlightened future. Now’s the Time! (Charlie Parker/Dizzy Gillespie)!

Love, through higher understanding, is the road to an evolved consciousness! In order to win the human rights fight, we must stay calm, clear, be clever and resilient, steadfast, and never give up, no matter the odds! Like my ancestors before us, it is time to go deep inside, listening to that eternal voice, that can guide us in seeing a glorious time coming, where our sacrifices today, will manifest freedom and humanity for our children yet to come!

grayscale photo of 2 women standing on the street
Photo by mana5280 on Unsplash

We have all been taught to view or envision the world within a certain acculturated perception. The big question is, can we create now, our own vision of a better World?  I would ask each and every one of us, do we have the right to govern justly, just as the current rulers took opportunities to govern unjustly? If we, the people, were to inherit the governance of our societies, what would we want them to look and feel like? Are we warriors or someone else’s workers? The future is now! Our destiny is upon us! I wish everyone brilliant dreams, profound aspirations, and exquisite affirmations!

All the best,

Sir Kahil El’Zabar

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