Celebrate 4th of July with Prairie Grass Cafe Offerings

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Celebrate 4th of July with Prairie Grass Cafe Meal Kits! Prairie Grass is taking the holiday off. But you can be sure to make provide your family with everything you need to celebrate. With all of the support Prairie Grass has provided the community by making food available for pick up, offering help with food preparation, making classes available and always making it easy to obtain wholesome and delicious food, they are taking a little time off.

Sarah Stegner

Be sure to pre-order 4th of July Meal Kits for pick up on Friday, July 3rd! A regular menu will also be available on Friday, July 3rd as well as 4th of July Meal Kits for Two!

Stay tuned and see what Prairie Grass might be offering next.  They seem to have boundless energy and great ideas besides wonderful food.

Two Lobster Sandwich’s (cooked lobster meat, cleaned out of the shell), Seasoned Butter, Buns, & Spicy Aioli Spread $74

Whole Chicken, Marinated, Trussed (tied up) and in a Pan.. Just put it in the over 375 degrees for 1 hour and 30 minutes!$63

Two Canadian Salmon Smothered in Honey-Mustard-Topping. Bake in the over 220 degrees for 20 minutes!$66

Two Ancho Marinated Skirt Steaks Ready to Grill$72

Please pick two sides to go with your protein!

Large 4th of July Salad Mixed Greens, “Mighty Vine” Tomatoes, Local Cucumber, Radish, Cider Vinaigrette

Zucchini-Tomato-Pepper Casserole with Garlic Parsley Bread Crumb Topping (350 degrees for 45 minutes). 

Pesto Pasta Salad Peas, Pine Nuts & Parmesan 

Twice Baked Potato Casserole Scallions, Cheddar, Bacon
Add an Additional Side$10 Dessert!4th of July Pastry Pack4 Chocolate Chip Cookies & 4 Slices of Banana Bread & Cream Cheese-Chocolate Spread $20 

Strawberry Cream Pie

Whole Strawberry Cream Pie $36 
Strawberries are in Season right now!  →A few examples of varieties that can be found locally include: Jewel, Cavendish, Clancy, Sparkle, and many more★★★★★Prairie Grass Cafe is using strawberries from Mick Klüg Farm, Nichols Farm & Orchard, and Ellis Family Farm. Enjoy these local strawberries on our Strawberry Cream Pie! 
Find out how to get produce from these farmers and others by checking out the Farmers List on our website!

Due to Covid19, restaurants have been having an incredibly hard time staying afloat. There are so few women chefs in the industry as it is, so we want to send some support their way. Consider checking out how these Chicagoland restaurants are using local strawberries!

pretty cook ice cream

Chef Dana Cree at Pretty Cool Ice Cream has several delicious pops featuring local strawberries! Including a Strawberry rhubarb ‘piecicle’ that is strawberry-rhubarb ice cream dipped in a graham cracker shell!

Sauce and Bread Strawberry Croissant

Chef Anne Kostroski at Sauce and Bread Kitchen is making a strawberry croissant with pastry cream topped with Mick Klüg strawberries!Happy Hour KitSip it Summer Sangria Strawberries, Bottle of Graham Beck Sparkling Rose, Syrup Infusion$32

Prairie Grass Cafe | 601 Skokie Boulevard, Northbrook, IL 60062

Prairie Grass Cafe Now Offering Lunch To Go and Outdoor Dining
Indoor dining begins Friday, June 26

Prairie Grass Cafe (601 Skokie Blvd., Northbrook; 847-205-4433) is now offering daily lunch to go as well as outdoor dining at dinner beginning at 4:30 p.m. Indoor dining begins Friday, June 26. Reservations are recommended. Prairie Grass Cafe to-go menus are available for lunch, 11 a.m. to 1 p.m. Monday-Friday and for dinner beginning at 4 p.m, Monday through Sunday. Pre-Orders are encouraged but not required. 

Weekly specials area available to go along with their regular menu.

George Bumbaris and Sarah Stegner

While things are slowly opening, local family farms are still struggling. Farmers Markets are just opening this spring and with the closure of many restaurants, farmers are relying on consumer support to make a huge difference in their livelihoods. There are alternatives.

Chef Sarah Stegner of Prairie Grass Cafe (601 Skokie Blvd, Northbrook, IL; 847-205-4433)  along with the Center for Agrarian Learning have put together a list of local farmers who are making it possible to buy direct from the farm via their website or by email ordering.

“It is so important for people to support local farms to make sure the farms will be here through this season and for future generations. You need to be able to directly connect to the farmers, know how to find them and know what their seasonal offerings are,” said Stegner.

There are places on the Northshore where you can pick up farm products and some farmers will deliver to your home if your order is big enough. Prairie Grass Cafe is one of the pickup points with weekly curbside pickup from Three Sister’s Garden on Tuesday and Mick Klug Farm on Thursdays.  

Click here to view the full list:
Listed below are the farmers that are included with links to their websites or Facebook pages. This list was compiled with the assistance of the Center for Agrarian Learning. Special thanks to Sheri Doyel, director, and Emily Zack, farm director for their assistance.

Photos: Kurman Communication unless otherwise noted.

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