SF Ballet “Dance of Dreams”- Valentine to the City

Gorgeous Collaboration of Director Benjamin Milliepied and SF Ballet Director Helgi Tomasson

Ellen Rose Hummel and Daniel Deivison-Oliveira in Millepied's Dance of Dreams // © San Francisco Ballet
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SAN FRANCISCO, CA, USA – The SF Ballet’s thrilling dance film valentine to the City Dance of Dreams previews at noon Pacific on August 13, 2020. Under direction of Benjamin Milliepied, and featuring San Francisco Ballet dancers performing choreography by Justin Peck, Dwight Rhoden, Janie Taylor, and Christopher Wheeldon, the film gives goose bumps evidence that the arts are alive and well in San Francisco even in time of pandemic.

Working in partnership with SF Ballet Director, Helgi Tomasson, Millepied selected the music and settings; Tomasson invited the participation of the four choreographers.

Joseph Walsh in Millepied’s Dance of Dreams // © San Francisco Ballet

All of the performances are shot with amazing outdoor backdrops set to “Scène D’Amour” by Bernard Herrmann from Vertigo, Alfred Hitchcock’s San Francisco–based thriller film from 1958, played by members of SF Ballet Orchestra. This lush production includes four dance numbers, one filmed on the rooftop of the SF Art Institute with camera’s eye segue to next number with a view of Coit Tower. Following numbers spotlight other beloved areas of the City, including the Golden Gate Bridge and the Marina’s Palace of Fine Arts.

Dance of Dreams is a moment of dancing, a moment of reconnecting dancers to the city and the thing they love most,” director Benjamin Milliepied says.  “The connection of this company with the people of San Francisco is so strong,” Milliepied adds in his voice-over for the preview, “that I just loved the idea of connecting the dancers to the City on film. It’s just a company that means so much to the people of San Francisco…”

“Here in San Francisco, we’re still sheltering in place and I wanted to explore new work under these circumstances. Dance of Dreams celebrates San Francisco, while giving our dancers the freedom to move outdoors in some of the most beautiful landscapes in the Bay Area, and with choreography by some of the finest choreographers of our time,” says SF Ballet Artistic Director Helgi Tomasson

Frances Chung in Millepied’s Dance of Dreams // © San Francisco Ballet

The film includes solos for Principal Dancers Joseph Walsh and Frances Chung, choreographed by Justin Peck and Janie Taylor, respectively; and pas de deux for Soloists Ellen Rose Hummel and Daniel Deivison-Oliveira, choreographed by Dwight Rhoden, and Soloist Madison Keesler and Principal Dancer Benjamin Freemantle, choreographed by Christopher Wheeldon.

SF Ballet Orchestra Music Director Martin West mixed and mastered the recording, which incorporates more than 150 tracks recorded remotely by more than 60 musicians from the Orchestra.

The Company produced this project as the City enters into its fifth month of sheltering-in-place due to the coronavirus pandemic. Choreographers and director worked remotely, generously donating their time. The Company consider themselves entering “an era of unprecedented digital engagement via uncharted territories,” and “grappling with what is lost while ushering in new future possibilities” with this work.

Madison Keesler and Benjamin Freemantle in Millepied’s Dance of Dreams // © San Francisco Ballet

Dance of Dreams is a stunning reminder of not only the beauty of dance, but also the beauty of the City. It will be available to the public at 12 noon U.S. PDT on August 13, 2020 on SF Ballet @ Home,  YouTubeFacebook, and IGTV.

Don’t miss this terrific opportunity to catch your breath while simultaneously having your breath taken away by beauty…

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