Nana Princess – Feeling Like a True Royalty!

Nana Princess Resort
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Creta is one of my favorite greek islands. That might be because I feel that it is a blessed land, plus, I do happen to come from there, at least half of me.

This summer I had the honor to be welcomed by one of the most luxurious and at the same time, elegant resorts that are based there, Nana Princess Resort!

Nana Princess is a jewel on this island. A truly distinctive resort, most appropriate for demanding guests from all over the world, who seek absolute privacy in an exclusive seafront setting. This resort offers a supreme 5* experience with a wide variety of 112 immaculately designed suites and villas. The interior design and layout of each habitation evokes a sense of a palace, accompanied by the most exquisite aesthetic standards down to the very last detail.

When we arrived at the resort, the hospitality guest greeted us with an amazing smile and all the necessary precautions due the corona pandemic. At first, she gave us all the documents that we needed to fill in, but not before she sterilised them with a disinfecting UV light. I was amazed to see my full name engraved at the exquisite pen I was going to write with. Not one, but four different welcome drinks where offered to us as long as we were filling in the documents needed for our stay. As soon as we finished, the cart was waiting outside the main lobby, to take us to our private suite.

Our suite had a private sea water pool and a wooden deck, as almost all of the refined properties at the resort. The Cretan sea views where breathtaking. Inside our room, state of the art facilities and amenities were expecting us. Bulgari toiletries, a fruit basket with exceptional white wine, Nespresso capsules and delicious chocolate candy bars were there to pamper our appetite. Two smart tv’s, one in the main area and another hidden one in the bathroom mirror, colorful bathroom lights, automated curtains and a lot more gadgets gave us the notion of the first-class hospitality of Nana Princess.

At the Royal Wellness Club, the Spa suite Anax and Anasa, provided us with unique experiences among steam, colors, warm baths, tropical storms, cool mist, fragrances and music. Like a King and Queen, enjoy the following treatments which intensify the sense of euphoria and rejuvenation, combining three separate treatments. At the end of our day Spa we relaxed at the indoor pool before we headed back to our suite. I must admit, this was by far the best Spa I have ever visited until now!

The second night we had the pleasure to dine near the sea at the fish restaurant. A beautiful place, very serene and very private. I chose the baby lobster for main course which was a mouthwatering dish that I still cannot forget, with the company of a live jazz band. The main pool of Nana Princess was located nearby and shined from afar, since the stary night made a statement through it.

The next morning, we hit the gym, which was very well equipped place. Afterwards, we headed towards the breakfast area. A lavish American Buffet Breakfast was a wonderful way to begin the new day, with a special selection of fresh produced offering tasty options. I would like to point out here that each one of us had our private help from the well-trained stuff, while we chose what we wanted for breakfast, since due to Covid it was safer that way.

Multiple days we visited the private beach and the bar in one of the swimming pools next to the meat restaurant, that were some extra luxurious perks of this amazing resort. Next to them, we could see a little and very quaint white chapel, St. George where traditional religious services could be planned.

All in all, this was a marvellous time! Nana Princess invites guests to discover an elevated 5-star hospitality experience where everyone is treated like royalty. A true royalty, I might add ..


* photos are courtesy of the hotel

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