What’s New in Bangkok? Tommy Tang’s Chyna Restaurant

Colorful Tommy Tang, gourmet chef is back in business again!
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By Daniel Herron

Colorful Tommy

One of the most entertaining and informative celebrity chefs on the planet! 

Before I moved to Thailand from the US, I use to watch PBS television and a show called “Let’s Get Cooking” with Tommy Tang.  His flamboyant presentation with colorful head bandanas and Hawaiian shirts was captivating and… I love Thai food!

Filming on location in Thailand

His fun personality and delivery on camera was over the top!    He was, and I’m sure still is, extremely entertaining!

I moved to Bangkok as a journalist for this magazine and was invited by the US Embassy, as a member of the media, to attend the 4th of July celebration at the Hyatt Regency Hotel in the center of Bangkok.  An exceptional evening with embassy staff, the military brass in their best dress uniforms, top Thai government officials and the who’s who of Bangkok. 

While chatting with friends and meeting new one’s I noticed a colorful Hawaiian shirt on someone across the huge ballroom.  It really stood out in this best dressed crowd and curiosity got the better of me. I needed to see who would be daring enough to wear such an outfit to a formal event.

As I approached I was shocked to see it was Tommy Tang!  Hawaiian shirt, torn jeans and captivating the people around him.

I introduced myself as being with Splash Magazine and told him how much I enjoyed his show on PBS, how great his delivery was!  This was music to his ears and we became good friends from that moment on! 

In the years following we worked together on a film “Kickboxer Retaliation” starring Jean-Claude Van Damme, with Mike Tyson, and Christpher Lambert. Tommy was a co-producer and I was shooting the publicity stills for the film.  He also selected the food for craft services on the set. Everyone looked forward to “break for breakfast, lunch or dinner.

Since then, Tommy has returned to his roots as a primo Thai chef.  After running two successful restaurants, one in Hollywood and New York he is now back in his element opening Chyna Thai Restaurant in the heart of Bangkok, named after his daughter.

Tommy has created new dishes as well as having the classic Thai one’s on the menu. 

Blackened Scallops with Mango Salsa
Hawaiian Coconut Shrimp
Seared Red Snapper with Thai herbs
Gai Grapao with Shelly Basil Pizza

At the time of this writing, I’m in the US preparing for my trip back to Bangkok and a visit to Tommy’s Chyna where I’ll write a new full review and catch up with my friend.

After some tasty dishes I’ll see if I can snag Tommy out of the kitchen for some pool time at the table in his restaurant.

Chyna by Tommy Tang Cafe is located right at Yawarat, Bangkok city. Explore the beauty of 18 unique street artists art at Chyna Cafe. 

Daniel Herron – Copyright 2020

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