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Kontiki Expeditions yacht

The year of COVID-19 has mostly changed the way everything works.  Travel is no exception and travel is exactly what so many people are very anxious to do.  Check out the opportunity to explore a place that has not previously been offered and will be coming your way this summer. Before you know it, it will be time to shove off.

After an extensive planning and construction period, the start-up Kontiki Expeditions will soon launch their maiden voyages along the Ecuadorian coast. A new concept in luxury ocean vacations focusing on conscious travel and immersive experiences, Kontiki small-yacht expeditions include both under-the-water and on-land richesse. Kontiki’s first two itineraries, The Toquilla Expedition and The Spondylus Expedition, take full advantage of Ecuador’s wealth of birds, animals, flora, fauna, indigenous foods and cultural traditions while adhering to a philosophy of sustainability and giving back to communities.

Mompiche Beach and Natural Reserve

“We are pioneers in offering luxury sea expeditions along seldom-travelled routes,” commented Carlos Nuñez, Founder and CEO. “Our new expeditions reveal the beauty and authenticity of coastal Ecuador, passing through small, uncrowded towns and historical sites; forests and wetlands; pristine beaches; and protected ecological reserves,” he continued. 

A fundamental part of the Kontiki program is supporting the communities visited while also enriching the guest experience. “We believe strongly that conscious travel is especially important as we connect our guests with local communities. Giving back is as important as receiving,” Nuñez noted. This is what Kontiki Expeditions refers to as NEO luxury, travel with a conscious.

Initially introducing with two eight-day itineraries, Kontiki will transport guests to untouristed areas in Ecuador to explore and celebrate the indigenous cultures within a context of wellness. Kontiki’s luxury boutique yachts, which have only nine staterooms each, are able to visit smaller ports allowing for experiences in heretofore-unvisited areas.

Laguna Agua Blanca

The programs are led by 10 crew members and two local experts committed to sustainability and conscious travel. Onboard, wellness professionals, naturalist guides and a local chef add to the distinctive Kontiki experience. Guests can expect to see the country’s beloved blue-footed boobies along with sea lions and howler monkeys. Gastronomic experiences featuring local chocolate, seafood, and produce will be enjoyed both onboard and on land. Passengers will also learn about the famous Toquilla straw hat made in Ecuador (but erroneously known as Panama hats).

The yachts are 128 feet-long and include nine staterooms, a sundeck, a gourmet salon, two outdoor lounges, bar, Jacuzzi, and a gym and fitness area. Guest and crew health and safety are priorities and sanitization and wellness protocols are summarized on Kontiki’s website.  Pricing begins at $7245 per person per week, based on double occupancy, and includes all activities, meals, transfers to and from ports, park entrances, guided expeditions and more.

In this time of social distancing, Kontiki Expeditions can also arrange a private charter tailored to travelers’ needs and interests. 

Pile and Montecriti

“Ecuador is home to our first expeditions and we look forward to expanding our concept of small-yacht luxury to other countries as well. We are excited about sharing our beautiful yachts and destinations with adventurous travelers who share our passion for exploration and conscious travel,” Nuñez added.

Laguna Agua Blanca


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