Walton Wood Farm – Reviving the Agricultural Industry Through Skincare

Walton Wood Farm - Reviving the Agricultural Industry Through Skincare. Courtesy Photo
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The skincare industry is booming with boutique companies and passion projects. Rightfully so, consumers are tired of purchasing items from major brands where it’s not entirely clear what’s actually in the product AND if their values don’t necessarily line up with theirs. Why invest in a company if there is little to no transparency? For this reason, brands like Walton Wood Farm are thriving! Generating business one honest review at a time.

Walton Wood Farm – Reviving the Agricultural Industry Through Skincare. Courtesy Photo

Leslie and Peter had three goals when starting Walton Wood Farm. Create a non-farming income to sustain themselves, create rural jobs, and to save their historic 1850s barns for future generations and to preserve our county’s agricultural history. These glorious icons are part of the fabric of the community and can be seen from miles around.

“In 2014, the idea of Walton Wood Farm was born to create a non-agricultural, diverse income for our family farm and to save our historic barns. I turned six-bath salts I made in my kitchen mixer into over 125 personal care products uniquely targeted as gifts and for self-care,” Founder Leslie Bradford-Scott stated in an interview with Billion Success. “Instead of doing what everyone else was doing in the start-up world, I went old-school to test my business. I hoofed it down every small-town main street with my pick-up truck and cases of bath salts asking people to buy my products. And they did! I knew that face-to-face feedback was critical, and if the products didn’t sell themselves off the shelf, I better rethink my model before investing too much time or money.”

Walton Wood Farm Even Has Items for Your Furry Friends! Courtesy Photo

The brand itself is a relaxing (and very much needed) refreshing take on the beauty industry. Consumers want items that are not only familiar but also provide a journey while applying. Take a trip down memory lane with invigorating scents like Eucalyptus or opt for a beach vacation with  Beach Babe which smells like fresh cut pineapple! Whichever you fancy Walton Wood Farm has got you covered.

Personally, I was automatically drawn to a couple of products. The brand has an incredible Mustard Soak, that combines Epsom salts, mustard, eucalyptus, peppermint, rosemary, spearmint, Silica (from Earth). The end result is an incredible soak that helps soothe aches while clearing your mind. Also, mustard is known to stimulate the sweat glands which helps your body rid itself of toxins! Yes, please!

If You’ve Never Had a Mustard Soak – Definitely Try This! Courtesy Photo

“(Walton Wood Farms) combines tongue-in-cheek humor with the sweet sentiments of your favorite greeting card,” Bradford-Scott states. “Walton Wood Farm is committed to creating high-quality products made with sustainable ingredients, helping to protect both our history and environment for future generations.”

Walton Wood Farm products are available online and in over 2500 brick-and-mortar stores across North America. The items are produced in seven different factories in the USA and Canada. From scrubs, lotions, lip balm to home care and divine gift sets there is a Walton Wood Farm product for everyone on the list.

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