Jukebox Hero Review – A Benefit Concert

Show Logo - Courtesy of SDMT
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Review by Kathy Carpenter

Shirley Johnston & Karyn Overstreet – photo courtesy of SDMT

May 2, 2021, San Diego – San Diego Musical Theatre streams “Jukebox Hero.” a benefit concert from April 30th – May 30th, 2021. This is an original jukebox musical revue. It is a humorous, nostalgic journey of belief. The concert features songs from shows Moulin Rouge, The Cher Show, Mamma Mia, Rock of Ages, and more. Audiences will be cheering and dancing around the room as they enjoy the production from the comfort of home.

The show has a simple plot. A woman working in a small cafe meets her Jukebox hero, her fairy godmother, after closing up late one night. Her Jukebox hero, takes her back through the journey of her life, with different people in her life appearing to sing songs representing parts of her life. The journey is to show where she came from, is now, and is going. Don’t Stop Believing. Never give up on your dream.

Bryan Barbarin = photo courtesy of SDMT

“Jukebox Hero” features, Shirley Johnston, as the waitress, Karyn Overstreet, as the fairy godmother. The star studded cast includes Berto Fernandez, Jennifer Hubilla, Luke Harvey Jacobs, Neil Dale, Shirley Johnston and Bryan Barbarin.

Luke Harvey = photo courtesy of SDMT

Songs include, Had A Dream – Mamma Mia , No More Tears – Donna Summer Musical, Jukebox Hero – Jukebox Hero Musical, Movin’ Out – Movin’ Out, Dark Lady – The Cher Show, I Love The Night Life – Priscilla Queen of the Desert, Here We Are – On Your Feet, Firework – Moulin Rouge, MacArthur Park – Donna Summer Musical, Come What May – Moulin Rouge, Reach Out, I’ll Be There – Motown The Musical, Conga – On Your feet, Don’t Stop Believing – Rock of Ages, Jukebox Hero – Bows.

My favorite number, was “I had a Dream,” the opening number sung by Shirley Johnston, a beautiful rendition, setting the tone for the show, The concert was filmed in front of a live audience, which showered the performers with love, and gave them the energy to pull off a Rockin’ performance.

The set was simple, displaying  two side tables and chairs, and a third chair on the slightly raised stage, red curtain behind the tables, reminiscent of their previous, similar type show, “Date Night.”

Berto Fernandez – photo courtesy of SDMT

I also, love the title of “Jukebox Hero.” It really sets the imagination into action.

This show is for you if you loved “Date Night,” it is kind of like a part two. If you love great musical songs, or if you just plain like a good time vibe, this is for you.

Artistic Director, Jill Townsend, Sound Design & Editing Neil Dale. with Film & Editing from Ron Christopher Jones.

Karyn Overstreet – photo courtesy of SDMT

Buy Your ticket now to support musical theatre in San Diego.

Jukebox Hero Streaming Concert

San Diego Musical Theatre

April 30 – May 30, 2021

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