Christina Jones Releases Her Debut Album, ‘You Were My Compass’

Photo Credit: Martika Green
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Citing inspirations such as Gladys Knight, Aretha Franklin, Nat King Cole, Nancy Wilson and Ella Fitzgerald, Christina Jones’ passion for music started at an early age, heavily influenced by her father’s taste in R&B and Soul.

A musician, actress, voice over artist and synesthete in her own right, Christina remembers fondly those years dancing around the home, one that was always filled with music, so it is no surprise that music has had such a huge role in shaping who she has become today.

Christina Jones
Christina Jones Performs LIVE in NYC. Photo Credit: Soul Brother

For her debut album You Were My Compass, Jones paired with and unlikely partner, former Olympic weightlifter/powerlifter champion turned composer and pianist, Kimiko Ishizaka. This surprising yet charismatic collaboration is all about love lost and found again. Kimiko wrote all the songs on the album, and it is so truly personal to her, yet Christina’s take on the songs, her tone and intuition when it came to recording and performing these songs is so deeply connected that the audience would not be fools to believe that Jones herself had gone through the experience.

“I have chromesthesia, a type of synesthesia that correlates music with specific colors, sometimes use it to influence the way that I sing. I try to match colors together and find new ones that complement the overall hue that I see when I play or sing my music. It is not necessarily something I do consciously, but what goes through my head when I get creative. It really helps me see the flow and melody.” Christina Jones

In addition to her rare and interesting creative process, Jones can also sing in multiple genres and styles such as musical theatre, pop, R&B, jazz and classical. Her warm yet passionate voice is often described as malleable because of this.

 “I love it all, no matter how different they might be.  I LOVE the theater. I love being on a stage and looking out at the house and the people on the balcony. I love the lights and the pit and the excitement of being together with thousands of people in a big room.”

You Were My Compass; Jones’ debut album was produced during COVID-19. Like for many, the pandemic has not been the easiest time for Jones. But she has ways to manage her stress and any anxiety that creeps: “People would always find me dancing backstage right before I go on because I found that if I just stood there and thought about it, I would never be able to walk out and do what I need to do. The way I manage it [anxiety], I just move.”

What can we expect from Christina next? Perhaps her dream collab with Lizzo could be on the cards. “Something about her vibe and her music matches my energy, passion, and style, and I think it would be a hell of a time to make music with her.”  So, watch this space for more from Miss Christina Jones.

You can find Christina Jones:

Instagram at @christinajonesofficial

TikTok at @_christinajones

Facebook at Christina Jones.

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