Adel Suites Mykonos review: A pool inside a cave

Secret Spot in Mykonos town

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I have been visiting Mykonos since I was eighteen years old. Every year, I find something new that excites me even more than before. This time, I discovered a small hotel that is hidden in plain site. Just at the outskirts of the main town, Adel Suites is my new addiction!

Adel Suites is a private brand new gem of the island. A unique masterpiece of refined tradition, a seclusive sanctuary of the senses unveils so elegantly in front of our eyes. With an impeccable view of the town of Mykonos and the Aegean Sea, one can spot both Delos and Rinia, two nearby islands worth visiting.

This time I did not take my car with us, since this unique retreat pampered us with a luxurious Porsche Cayenne that took us everywhere on this Cycladic island.

The very first day I arrived, a little surprise was waiting for us. The most gentle hands in Mykonos gave us a relaxing massage under the shaded terrace of our suite, just in front of the pool. I have to admit that I even slept briefly, which was even more invigorating.

Dinner was my favourite time of the day while at Adel’s. Sushi is by far the best summer delicacy and especially when you are on a diet. Therefore, don’t get me wrong, but I was mostly fed with sushi and fruit while there.

Our suite was the one with the pool in the cave. It was the most desired suite and we were very lucky to have found it empty at the time. When waking up in the morning it was our ritual to open the glass door and dive right in! At night, just before going to bed, we did exactly the same thing. Suite made in heaven …

A complete battery recharge was taking place while there. The fresh cleaned sheets that smelled like baby powder and the serenity of this retreat was all that I needed.

I really wish one day you could go, too …

Photos: Courtesy of the hotel

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