The Rage Fairy Review – Nobody’s Perfect

Holly Anne Mitchell as THE RAGE FAIRY - Photo by David Dickens
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Writer/director Antonia Czinger surveyed today’s dating world and came up with one word: rage. It all seems so unfair – taking lonely, desperate people and dropping them into the bubbling stew that is love – or else. In a clever yet absurd satire, Czinger has nailed the inherent problems in the looking-for-love game. Suppose “The One” we find isn’t the best match? Suppose that same “One” isn’t ready for the perfect relationship?

Holly Anne Mitchell and “the Girls” – Photo by David Dickens

Life is tough when you’re all alone – and desperate. Even a pretty and bouncy fairy who twinkles when she speaks is having trouble finding that special someone who will fulfill her dreams and make her whole. The manicky rage fairy is fed up – until her searching efforts finally bear fruit. Her new boyfriend (Isaac Tipton Snyder) may not be every girl’s dream of forever after – but he seems to care about her. So what if he’s a serial killer. She’s learned the hard way that you can’t have everything. But what about the creepy gang of dead girls (Lauren Adlhoch, Ayanda Dube, Madison Hubler) who keep cropping up in inconvenient places? Ex-girlfriends can be a pain – but the rage fairy has learned to compartmentalize. She’s able to see the pluses while ignoring the minuses in a love affair – even if it sometimes makes her furious. True, her boy does have quite a few bad habits, but – like all females in love – she knows that she can change him for the better.

Isaac Tipton Snyder – Photo by David Dickens

Get ready to chuckle as the Rage Fairy (Holly Anne Mitchell) finds love in all the wrong places – including in the arms of a real-live murderer. THE RAGE FAIRY is a compendium of every psychological trope imaginable. From anger to denial to codependence and everything in between, THE RAGE FAIRY taps into the down side of the search-and-rescue aspect of love. Author Czinger asks the question: How much can you take before you throw in the towel? Happily, talented lead Holly Anne Mitchell handily projects all of these emotions in her own stylized way.

Holly Anne Mitchell – Photo by David Dickens

The production team gets to wear a few hats. Serial killer Isaac Tipton Snyder doubles as set designer, while producer David Dickens handles lighting. Writer Antonia Czinger designed the costumes, while Travor Reece’s sound and Freda Jing’s graphics added spice to the show. This on-a-shoestring production manages to find the humor in the search for love. It is entertaining and often hilarious. The show will definitely appeal to all those out there who are still looking.

THE RAGE FAIRY runs through March 13, 2020, with performance at 8:30 p.m. on Saturdays and Sundays (with possible extension to 3/18, 3/19, and 3/10/22). The Sherry Theater is located at 11052 West Magnolia Blvd., Los Angeles, 91601. Tickets are $20. For information and reservations, go online.

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