Cynthia Grande Talks Immigration and Inspirations

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Cynthia Grande grew up in San Pedro, California, in a heavily Spanish-speaking neighborhood. Her parents immigrated to the United States from El Salvador and pushed her to be the most educated woman she could be.

She witnessed first-hand the number of friends and neighbors that did not have the legal help they needed due to language barriers, lack of resources, education, or just plain fear. The struggles these people went through and their need for help is what inspired Cynthia to become the attorney she is today.

Cynthia earned her undergraduate degree at the University of Southern California, and later, her Juris Doctor at the University of the Pacific-McGeorge School of Law. After school, she returned to her hometown in the South Bay area of Los Angeles to serve and represent those in need. Many people are afraid to contact a lawyer because they are afraid of the process and don’t have much faith in the end result.

Cynthia’s goal is to shift the conversation about working with lawyers, so clients know not only what to expect, but can have confidence in the process. She wants to set the example for law firms to provide the top level care and commitment. She wants to be the guiding influence to help her customers navigate the legal situations they face with comfort and conviction, in hopes that they can again have peace of mind.

Thank you for taking time to do this interview. Before we begin, please let us know what inspires your work? 
My family inspires my work. My parents immigrated from El Salvador and I am in awe of how hard they’ve worked to build a life here in the United States. They are like so many immigrant families that I have met over the years. I know how important it is to have legal advocates to support immigrants and their families as they navigate the legal system in the United States and I am grateful that I can be that advocate for the clients we serve.
Tell us more about your work and what it is like to know you’re helping those in need?
We work with immigrant families to help them live without fear and achieve the American dream. Often we will hear from our clients that we’re the first attorneys they’ve talked to after living in this country for countless years and that they have been afraid to reach out to someone for help because they think they’ll get deported or taken advantage of. I feel honored to know that our clients place their trust in us and allow us to support them to legalize their immigration status and build a new future in the United States.
What is the most common problem that you are faced with?
There’s a great deal of misinformation around immigration laws and about whether it’s necessary for someone to have an attorney to represent them in their immigration cases. Sometimes people think that because part of the process involves filling out forms, that it’s simple and straightforward to get legal status. This is far from the truth. One wrong answer on an immigration form can mean the difference between becoming a U.S. citizen or being removed from the United States. Immigration lawyers can help solve this problem by providing the knowledge necessary to present the best case possible.
Are your offices covid friendly? How do you protect yourself, your staff and most importantly your clients?
Yes, we limit in-person appointments and follow current Covid restrictions required by our local, state and federal government. We provide opportunities for our clients to work with us virtually so they can avoid in-person appointments if they choose to do so.
How can our readers follow you?
Visit our website at or follow us on IG @grandelawfirm and @thecyngrande

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