Hers: Launching Wellness Essentials at the London Hotel West Hollywood

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Hers debuted a Wellness Essentials line June 7, 2022, along with featured hosts, providing wellness activities on the rooftop of the London Hotel West Hollywood in Beverly Hills.

Hers debuts the new Wellness Essentials

Hilary Coles, co-founder & SVP of brand and innovation, explained the benefits of the line which featured probiotic supplements that support women’s general health, mental wellness, gut health, digestive health, skin health and libido. The new Wellness Essentials line was created with women in mind to provide positive health benefits for overall well-being.

The new Hers Wellness Essentials supplements include:

  • Start Women’s Probiotic: A multi-vitamin and probiotic in one. Formulated with 8 strains of prebiotics, probiotics and cranberry extract, this daily gluten-free, non-GMO, vegetarian supplement is designed for full-body support. By introducing microflora and yeast, it also supports the immune system, metabolism, and urinary tract. 
  • Mood Mental Health Probiotic: This daily gluten-free, non-GMO, vegetarian probiotic supports a healthy link between the gut and brain to promote a healthy digestive system and balance mood through ashwagandha, L-theanine, spinach leaf extract and a probiotic blend. 
  • Detox Gut Health Probiotic: This unique gluten-free, non-GMO, vegetarian probiotic also repopulates healthy bacteria to support metabolism, healthy immune system function, and energy level with inulin, marshmallow root and 5 enzyme blend. 
  • Digest Debloat Probiotic: With ginger, fennel, peppermint and an array of digestive enzymes to target all food groups, this non-GMO and vegetarian probiotic is formulated to calm discomfort after eating while supporting healthy digestion. 
  • Glow Skin Health Probiotic: This proprietary probiotic blend combined with vitamin B3, spinach leaf extract and vitamin D helps the body metabolize key nutrients and supports a gorgeous, glowing complexion that’s more than skin deep. 
  • Desire Libido Supplement: Support the physical and mental aspects of arousal with this gluten free, non-GMO vegetarian supplement —with ingredients like ashwagandha, damiana, L-citrulline, and ginkgo biloba, this formulation is designed to enhance sensation in intimate areas while reducing feelings of stress and anxiety to help you get in the mood. 
Fitness Coach Nichelle Hines with Co-Founder Hilary Coles

Invited guests began the morning with a plant-based breakfast provided by the London Hotel and followed that with a low-impact workout class led by fitness coach, actor, activist, Nichelle Hines.  Guests were also treated to Mini Gua Sha facial treatments by The Tox, ear seeding by Seyhart, and an exciting portrait of your aura by Kind Aura.

Low impact workout with fitness coach Nichelle Hines

Kind Aura measured guests astral energy by exploring our aura in tangible form with a polaroid picture taken with a special aura camera.  This process is completed via biofeedback energy received through your hands which are placed on hand sensors. Your aura energy color is as unique as your thumbprint. Each portrait includes a brief color interpretation with a keepsake book.

Aura portrait by Kind Aura

Ear seeding by Seyhart encapsulates acupuncture in the ear to de-stress, balance, energize, boost immunity, and improve sleep. Healers educated guests on the benefits of acupuncture and pressure points of the ear. Guests received adhesive seeds to acupressure points on the external ear in gold and silver metals. If you are hosting an event you may want to try the stylish Swarovski crystals.

Seyhart provides acupuncture ear seeding

The Tox provided Mini Gua Sha facial treatments to each guest. This process begins with your professional technician applying oil to your face to cleanse. A stone-like gua sha massage tool is used to scrape your skin in long, downward strokes. It is finished with a sunscreen moisturizer.

Gua Sha mini facials with The Tox

The six new hers Wellness Essentials products expand an existing line-up of Hims & Hers general, hair and skin supplements that include Biotin Builder Gummies, Sleep Tight Gummies, Urinary Tract Powder and Collagen Powder. Supplements can be taken together in any combination according to your personal and health needs that will help solidify a beauty health routine that is individualized just for you!

Products are available at select CVS Pharmacy locations nationwide, CVS.com and ForHers.com. For hers products please visit: Hers supplements

hers products please visit: Hers supplements

For more information on special hosted events please visit the following:

Rest and relaxation hotel reservations The London Hotel West Hollywood

Ear seeding by Seyhart

Mini Gua Sha treatment by The Tox;

Printed aura portraits by Kind Aura 


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