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A queen of horror and supernatural, Lindy Ryan has done it again with her werewolf novel, THROW ME TO THE WOLVES.  A supernatural story with a touch of erotic noir, published in May 2022 by Black Spot Books, and written alongside newcomer Christopher Brooks, WOLVES engages you from the first and leaves you panting for more. 

It had been ten years since Britta Orchid, turned werewolf by Selena Stone, a witch who murdered her family in a ritual sacrifice, has been back to her small Louisianan hometown. She’s returned only because the police say they want her to identify Selena’s body, found murdered in Britta’s former family home. Part of her is happy, but another part is cautiously wary. 

published by Black Spot Books May 2022

Even as Britta banters with the rookie cop Aaron Labaye who enrolls her to help him solve the witch’s murder and then agrees to assist Britta with the freeing of her late little brother’s spirit captured by the witch, she’s forced to expose the wolf in her. 

Learning to trust isn’t easy for Britta and she examines her past as she comes to terms with her family’s demise.  Being back in her old, probably haunted, house isn’t easy, and she’s forced to ask her wolf pack friend Alec for help. Trouble is, in return for his help, Alec demands Britta become his mate—something she’s not sure she’s ready for, especially since she’s starting to have feelings for Labaye. 

With the help of a local voudon mambo, Britta plans to release her deceased brother’s spirit from the Selena’s spell but plans often go awry when Remi’s ghost warns her that someone is only pretending to help her.  Aaron or Alec?  Who can she trust? As Britta determines to go forward on her own, she learns an almost fatal truth: Selena isn’t really dead—and Britta’s soul is at risk.

You will want to read this and the sequel – I sure hope there’s one!  THROW ME TO THE WOLVES is available in paperback and e-book everywhere books are sold.

Black Spot Books is a woman-owned and operated author-centric traditional press specializing in speculative fiction, dark fantasy, and horror.

Lindy Ryan, award-winning author/ editor

Named a Star Watch Honoree by Publishers Weekly 2020, Lindy Ryan is a best-selling author/editor with several things in adapted and in development for film and television, as well as an award-winning professor. Her next novel, BLESS YOUR HEART, will release from Minotaur Books in 2023.

Christopher Brooks juggles writing and editing in the Pacific Northwest.  This is his first novel.


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