Dylan Joseph – From Baseball to Ballads

Photo courtesy of Dylan Joseph
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A young boy with a dream Dylan Joseph Photo courtesy of Dylan Joseph

By Kathy Carpenter

Dylan Joseph dreamed of becoming a baseball legend. From the age of seven to twenty two Dylan was your all American kid. He loved the outdoors and playing baseball. When he turned twenty-two he sustained not one, but two, major injuries. Dylan realized his body could no longer handle the wear and tear of baseball.

Forced into a career pivot, Joseph did some soul searching and found himself more and more in love with his music. With his dad being a professional drummer, music had always filled the house and there was always a drum set. Dylan started playing the drums at the age of eight. Eventually, at seventeen he picked up the guitar for fun. Music was a hobby, while baseball was his life.

Writing was his strongest skill in high school and his teachers told him he had a natural gift for the art of storytelling. Once he learned the guitar chords playing along with his country favorites, he started to write his own lyrics to songs. This was a pastime he grew to love.

Photo courtesy of Dylan Joseph Dylan loves the outdoors

He soon realized this would be his new dream. Dylan’s major break as a songwriter came writing a theme song for the You Tube series “Malibu Surf.” The song was called ‘Just Friends’ performed by Allie Barron. That song is still growing today sitting at over 20 million streams. Dylan started to look at music differently. He was writing songs for other people that were doing well, but the songs were his experiences, his emotions and he wanted to perform them himself. He decided to go the artist route.

Being a front man wasn’t in Dylan’s comfort zone. He was comfortable behind the drums. The spotlight definitely took getting used to, but worth the price of becoming an artist. Expressing his emotions with his own songs was the journey of his heart, Dylan’s road to happiness.

Photo courtesy of Dylan Joseph
Photo courtesy of Dylan Joseph

In 2020 Dylan made a trip to Nashville. Fate stepped in. Due to the lock down of COVID-19 a two week trip turned into three months which was a blessing in disguise. It was during this time he wrote some of his favorite songs and built a huge fan base on Tic Tok.

While he started going live as a joke, the platform became a gateway of connection, the place he could connect with fans and give them an inside look at who he really was as a person. Dylan Joseph’s new dream is to become a country music legend.

Photo courtesy of Dylan Joseph

His latest single “Devil in Disguise” is out now on all platforms. The songs people connect with the most are “44”, “Closer to You”, “Good Thing”, and “Way Out.” He plans to put out another single soon and then an acoustic EP of his favorite songs.

Photo courtesy of Dylan Joseph

You can find Dylan Joseph on Instagram – https://www.instagram.com/dylanjosephherrick and Tik Tok –


Photo courtesy of Dylan Joseph

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  1. Not true, I played with Dylan through high school. He could never make the cut to move up to the varsity team. His baseball was arguably worse than his singing.

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