It’s all in the comedic timing – “It Runs in the Family” debuts at Citadel Theatre in Lake Forest

It Runs in the Family - Now playing at the Citadel Theatre in Lake Forest
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Left to Right: David Whitlock (Dr. Hubert Bonney), Philip J. Macaluso (Dr.Mike Connolly), TimWalsh (Dr. David Mortimore), Ellen Phelps (Rosemary Mortimore)

Discover this hysterical British farce, just perfect for the holidays, now playing at the Citadel Theatre in Lake Forest through December 18. The show was written by Britain’s famed master farceur Ray Cooney (TWO INTO ONE, RUN FOR YOUR WIFE) and first produced in London in 1992.

Talk about timing! An announcement about a teenage son he didn’t know he had couldn’t have come at a worse moment for Dr. Mortimer, just three days before Christmas. And he’s got an important paper to deliver to his fellow neurologists that could boost his career…and his boss breathing down his neck.

That’s the premise of this comedy of manners, all in the spirit of mistaken identity, bad blood and missed opportunities. Come along for the chaotic ride and have yourself a merry little Christmas as this outstanding cast tries to navigate the complicated scenario. Keep a lookout on the window ledge as most of the characters find their way out there at one time or another.

Peace on earth this is not for a world-renowned physician and his ex-lover who pay him an unexpected visit at his hospital. In this wacky comedy from the master of British farce, an assortment of zany, crazy bizarre characters transforms a quiet London Hospital into a madhouse of lunacy. Frantic, funny and fast-paced, this rib-tickling farce proves that laughter truly is the best medicine.

Expertly directed by Citadel veteran Pat Murphy, whose most recent work at Citadel was 2020’s THE FANTASTICKS, “It Runs in the Family” is the perfect antidote for holiday stress. He keeps the action going non-stop, with no time to stop between laughs and guffaws.

Playing the beleaguered Dr. Mortimore is Tim Walsh, while David Whitlock appears in the role of the doctor’s friend and colleague, Dr. Hubert Bonney. Aimee Kleiman is the former nurse/current mother Jane Tate, and she has got the comedic chops down pat. Declan Poll plays her son, Leslie as the needy, punk rock son, who is longing for a father. Citadel’s Ellen Phelps is Dr. Mortimore’s harried wife Rosemary who has a few secrets of her own up her sleeve.

Left to Right: David Whitlock (Dr. Hubert Bonney), Chris Bruzzini (Police Sergeant), Tim Walsh(Dr. David Mortimore)

Kudos to Chris Bruzzini who plays the Police Sergeant and finally unravels the whole sordid tale for the audience. The laughs come fast and furious. Take a break from your holiday shopping and enjoy it all this season.

Next up at Citadel is “Junior Claus,” holiday entertainment for the whole family and “The Christians” from February 10 – March 12, 2023.

Citadel Theatre is located at 300 S. Waukegan Rd., Lake Forest. For tickets, go to or call 847-735-8554. Citadel Theatre is offering a $15.00 discount per ticket to all frontline workers in healthcare and education. Discount is available on phone orders only.


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