Natural Products Expo West and East 2023

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2023 saw the continued growth of natural, organic and healthy products and with it similar grown for Natural Products Expo West and East. From coast to coast, the growth of this industry needs at least two different settings to take in all the new products and innovations.

4th & Heart Salted Ghee Butter Sticks

Natural Products Expo West, part of the New Hope Network family of brands, hosted more than 65,000 registered attendees and 3,000 exhibiting companies at the Anaheim Convention Center and once again showcased the newest natural and organic products in foods and beverages; clean beauty and home products; and supplements and ingredients. This is annually the industry’s largest trade show, Expo West featured new CPG innovations that will satisfy consumer demand for products that align with their values and support healthier people and a healthier planet.


Expo West and East attract celebrities who are trying to use their celebrity to raise awareness of new produts and lifestyle changes. This year, Padma Lakshmi, of Top Chef fame, was helping to promote DAH!—best known for Indian-inspired yogurts. DAH!’s lassi, a drinkable blend of yogurt, water, spices and fruit popular in India, took Padma back to her roots, when, as a child, she drank it often punctuated by fresh mango or cardamom. It’s right on trend with what’s in store for international flavors for 2023, which lists Indian products hot items for global pantries. In her role as a brand partner, board advisor and culinary explorer at DAH!, Lakshmi is more than just “the face” selling the product. She helps shape the company’s overall direction and lends her expertise in crafting and testing new products and flavors. She also makes a point to go behind the scenes with the R&D team to observe how they make lassi to scale. Here, it’s crafted with natural ingredients and slow cultured for flavor, richness and high probiotic content.

Every Expo West and East, some of the best new products are highlighted by being awarded a NEXTY. Expo West had 20 categories in 2023 and some truly amazing new products that not only won, but a lot more that were nominated and were featured throughout the events. A few of the highlights included: Best New Functional Food or Beverage, the Cashew Cookie Dough Protein Bar from All Real Nutrition. While there are plenty of protein bars to choose from, this one has a wonderfully soft and creamy texture that is centered around grass-fed Irish milk protein and clean ingredients. The Best New Supplement was awarded to Golden Hour from First Person, which combines mushrooms like lion’s mane and reishi alongside microdosing with psilocybin.

Chiaviar, the Vegan’s Caviar

Avafina Organics was one of the highlights of Expo West with their line of organic plant-based spreads, Qummus, Chiaviar and Queen Cheese created using a variety of seeds, spices, nuts, oils, coconut products and sweeteners, among others. While organic and vegan products continue to grow at a fast pace, Avafina and their Chiaviar really took it to the next level as this truly comes so close to caviar in terms of texture and flavor that you would have a hard time telling their version from actual caviar. For more information, visit: Avafina


Oars & Alps



Expo West 2024 is scheduled for March 12-16.

For more information, visit: Expo West

(Photos courtesy Vendela Martin)


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