Natural Products Expo West 2024 – The Latest and Greatest in the World of Natural and Organic

(Photo Courtesy Vendela Martin)
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Once again, Natural Products Expo West by Informa Markets solidified its status as the must-attend event for natural product professionals. With over 65,000 attendees and more than 3,300 exhibitors, the Anaheim Convention Center was abuzz with activity. Attendees experienced a plethora of new products, celebrated the 2024 NEXTY Award winners, engaged in discussions on cutting-edge trends and innovations and much more.

Expo West featured several great events and speakers focusing on different topics including The State of Natural & Organic, Climate Day, An Organic Night Out: Honoring The Year’s Best in Organic and the Keynote from Chef Sean Sherman is a member of the Oglala Lakota tribe and is focused on the revitalization and evolution of Indigenous foods systems throughout North America. In terms of highlighting products and innovation, there was the annual Natural Products Expo West Pitch Slam as well as the coveted NEXTY Awards Ceremony and Celebration.

Splash Magazines Worldwide wanted to share a few of the products that we enjoyed and the list could have been far longer as the creativity from everyone in attendance with what they were showcasing was truly amazing.

Four Sigmatic

Four Sigmatic was debuting their new line of organic instant teas, which will be available online and at Whole Foods beginning in May 2024. Each tea is infused with functional mushrooms and adaptogens for focus, calm, positive mood, and immune + gut support. Four Sigmatic founder Tero Isokauppila created the instant tea to not only give people all the benefits of Four Sigmatic in a tea version but also to give people an alternative to using a standard tea bag that is now known to shed microplastics into your tea. For more information on all Four Sigmatic products, visit: Four Sigmatic. The five tea versions that will be available include:

  • Think: An organic lemon black tea designed for focus. Made with lion’s mane, L-Theanine, black tea and lemon.
  • Calm: An organic chamomile & mint tea designed for relaxation. Made with reishi, ashwagandha, chamomile and lavender.
  • Protect: An organic wild berry tea designed for immune support. Made with chaga, elderberry, acerola cherry and blueberry.
  • Mood: An organic lemon balm & rose tea designed for a positive mood. Made with reishi, tulsi, rose and lemon balm.
  • Happy Gut: An organic ginger & lemon tea designed for gut health. Made with turkey tail, ginger, yacon and probiotics.
MALK Creamer

The varieties and versions of milk continue to grow, but the one thing you will notice with many of these milks is that the label has a lot of ingredients, which is not a good thing for the consumer. When it comes to simple and clean ingredients, no one does it better than MALK Organics. MALK has only 3-5 ingredients in each product, and unlike other plant-based milks, MALK products have no gums, fillers, or oils. At Expo West, MALK was introducing their new creamers that come in oat and almond versions as well as a number of flavors including the caramel that will make you forget about all flavored coffee after you try this with your morning coffee. For more information, visit: MALK

Pro Surfer Tia Blanco with JAMBAR (Photo Courtesy JAMBAR)

The on-the-go snack or energy bar category has become so large it is tough to know what is good for you and healthy and does what it says. JAMBAR is one bar that gives you everything you would want in a bar and you can taste that goodness in each bite. Each JAMBAR is artisan-made, certified organic made with real food ingredients to give you maximum nutrition and each bar gives you a taste of freshness and ingredients throughout. Every JAMBAR is packed with flavor, the “Tropical Trio” is vegan, gluten-free and non-GMO and is packed with banana, pineapple and coconut along with whole grains. You really can’t go wrong with any flavor as JAMBAR gets it right every time with their ingredients. This is a bar that will give you a boost to get you through your workout or your workday. In addition, JAMBAR donates 50% of its net profit to music and active living. For more information, visit: JAMBAR

Just Ice Tea

Eat the Change was introducing the latest addition to the Just Ice Tea line, their ready-to-drink iced teas in a can. The new cans include: Lemon Black Tea, Raspberry Black Tea, and Dragon Green Tea. Each can begins with organic brewed tea and incorporate organic flavors that match the label and the clean taste of the tea shines through with each drink. For more information, visit: Eat the Change

8Greens Nexty Finalist
ESW Beauty

Project Reef (Photo Courtesy Vendela Martin)
Best Day Brewing

Expo West was beginning to see a growth of non-alcoholic spirits and mocktails in 2023 and this area just continued to grow in 2024 with several great new products for those who are looking for an alternative to alcohol. Guiness was having a taste test to see if guests could tell the difference between the regular version or the Guiness Zero and most people found out you could not notice a difference between the two. Lagunitas Hoppy Refresher is a perfect summer drink as this light IPA-inspired beverage has zero-alcohol, zero-carbohydrate, and zero-calorie. Best Day Brewing was showcasing their non-alcoholic beer that was really elevated with great Hazy IPA and Kolsch versions. For more information, visit: Best Day Brewing

Guinness Taste Test
Lagunitas Hoppy Refresher
BEAM (Photo Courtesy Vendela Martin)

BEAM be amazing® was giving Expo West attendees a sneak peek at their Greens On The Go. This revolutionary patent pending ready-to-drink greens product took over nearly two years to develop and gives you all the nutrition and flavor of BEAM in a convenient can. Each can of BEAM Greens has antioxidants, immune and gut support, electrolytes, essential vitamins, minerals, and hydration support, all in a convenient ready-to-drink format. For more information, visit: BEAM

Gimme Seaweed was sampling their soon-to-be-released Korean BBQ roasted seaweed snacks. Gimme’s seaweed snacks are USDA Organic and Non-GMO Project Verified, only 30 calories per serving, and an excellent source of vitamins B12 & K and iodine. If you are looking for a healthier snack, Gimme’s is just that and it comes in eight flavors including: Sea Salt & Avocado Oil, Teriyaki, and Chili Lime. For more information, visit: Gimme Seaweed

One of our favorite on-the-go products that we discovered was Ener-GHEE. This is a ghee-based energy blend made with whole food that combines walnuts for protein, dates for sweetness and ghee for sustainability. Ener-GHEE comes in coffee, cocoa, vanilla and coconut flavors and is perfect to take with you anywhere you go to give you a healthy energy boost. For more information, visit: Ener-GHEE

4th & Heart Original Ghee

When it comes to not only healthy, but also bringing great taste in however you use it, 4th & Heart Ghee is the finest clarified butter you will ever taste. 4th & Heart is sourced from grass-fed, pasture-raised New Zealand and Australian cows that you could previously find in jars and sprays but they made it even more convenient by adding their Ghee Sticks. They are the first of its kind when it comes to ghee. Beyond the great taste 4th & Heart Ghee has a higher smoke point than almost any other cooking oil or butter (485 degrees to be exact), making it perfect for any recipe. For more information, visit: 4th & Heart

Natural Products Expo West 2024 was a truly memorable experience for everyone in attendance. From showcasing some of the best and newest products in the natural products industry from new companies trying to get their foot in the door to well-established companies showing off their latest creation, there was something for everyone. This event is always about education, creativity, and bringing new and insightful products and ways of thinking to the world. Expo West did all that and more, leaving people looking forward to what is in store for 2025.

For more information on Expo West, visit: Expo West


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